A million thanks & Nice meeting you guys^^

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Crappy Wrappy:

Yoyoh people~~ How are you guys?? It is 12:06am now but I'm still awake..hmm..the weather is damn hot now which make me hard to go to sleep@.@ Hopefully, it will rain heavily later so that I can sleep well & have a sweet dream~ FYI: McValue Lunch Blogger Contest has just marked an end several minutes ago..I'm kinda excited of the result..If not mistaken, the result is gonna release on Jun 11th, 2009. I gotta wait patiently for it..hopefully I could win the iPhone^^ As what I said in my previous post, I will always love you guys no matter I'm the winner or not..Thanks for leaving sweet comments and compliments in my McValue Lunch contest post where it has given me lotsa encouragement in continuing to blog^^

As I promised in my previous post that I will share with you guys the new bloggers that I met in the blogsphere when I participated in McValue Lunch Blogger Contest.

Before that, let me introduce to you guys my Regular visitors who had left comments in this contest:
laikepo, Ken, leo7_lion, Hemsem Ahmike, BooNMing, Adry, 鸿鹏 , sirei, kenwooi.com, irene, teddy be@r, Chew, "I" the writer, Raymond, Joey, vialentino, wenQ, cjude87, agnes, maro^gal

Here comes the New bloggers who had left comments in this contest and at my Cbox as well:
misstangguo, Sean Lon, reanaclaire, tiffanie, sitekateki | dD, gregorule, anis, ~*Sz3Wei*~ , plug2pin, allen, nuroll azrin kamaroll zaman, a@ron, PoisonKagero, HitoMi^^, lilteddie, Mama Danish, blur de 我, ChArL3n3, Katz Berema, ~Elaine Tam~, Tian Chad @ 永遇乐, hadio, KimberlyMay, Yours truly, the Shedevil, SpiderZMeN, Alex TheBackpackr.com, Isaac Wong, stephanie yen ling kok, goingkookies, cheah.mun.teng, ~0~, carolinetsau, c0co, SuPing,~XiAnG~ , Jeffro, janine, Simon Seow, *ayu*, 祈颖, Dosz, Mr.N, Mem Aluya, vviisshhnnuu, JeanY, Priscilla Wong, eric, d2z, angeyy, kalvin khoo, candy, vivian lee, xiaopei, stephylicious, kethes, Qi

I hope I did not miss out anyone in the list above. I would like to apologize if I have really missed you out ya~

Anyway, it's my great pleasure to meet all of you!! If you guys don't mind, feel free to drop me a message to have a link exchange with me k?? Hmm..only this way, I think we can keep in touch with each other for a longer time~


Good Night everyone~
Will reply your messages at my Cbox again 2mr^^



  1. hadio says:

    i want an iPhone too
    can? haha
    gudluck dear =)

  1. Wow that's a lot man.. :D Win iPhone d?

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear hadio,
    heheheh~~ if I got extra iPhone, i will give one to u..k?? hehehe..thanks so much on the comment^^

    Dear bro Mike,
    Yeap..tat's alot!! Thanks to all of them including u who have left comment to me^^ hmm..if not mistaken, the result will out on 11th June wor.. still waiting..

  1. Hmmm......let all of us know once u won it, so we can go share a piece with you..HAHAHHAH~~

    So since 75 comments......break it to 75 pcs....and distribute equally for each of us..

    of you can share your alpahbets bear bear also..i don't mind... :)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Elaine,
    hmm...u r the "notty-iest" blogger fren that I ever had!!! hehehehe...how to break the phone into 75 pieces leh?? adui, after break sure cannot use adi lo..aiyayayaya~~ this cannot be done!!! :XD

    Btw, the bear bear ar..hmm..also cannot be done lar...so sorry about this!! It's a limited edition of collection..erm..can u please request for other things?? hehehehe~~~

  1. wei...u miss me out wor...but is alright...kekeke....too long list

  1. Dee says:

    hi lisa..hope u win the iPhone..

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha.. 3 back-to-back posts for McD.. lol.. nice ;)

    all the best! =D

  1. ChArL3n3 says:

    hahaha! you didn't miss me! thanks to you also..! Hahaha.. wish you all the best.. ahaha.. dun get superexcited if you got your iPhone :P LOL!

  1. cjude87 says:

    all the best,
    in the contest,
    hope you can win
    the Iphone with the effort you put in,

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Bro Via,
    I did not miss you out leh..I got listed you on my Regular visitors o!!! Please please check one more time la..:XD

    Dear Dee,
    thanks for dropping by and the comments as well!! :P

    Dear kenwooi,
    yeap..din realise that i gt bck to bck post on it..n I din realise this McD contest has great impact to my blog^^

    Dear Charlene,
    sure I wont miss u out ler my dear~~ hmm..I will surely superexcited if i really win the phone cz there's tons of bloggers who blog on the McD contest are far more creative n better thn me^^

    Dear Cjude87,
    thanks thanks bro on ur continuous support+comments!!! muakssss^^

  1. Xiaopei says:

    Good luck to you for the iPhone contest! ^^

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    I agree with elaine ... lol but must be careful in "dividing" the iPhone .. simply using hand is not enough and might not be breaking them into even shape ..

    use a saw or diamond cutter ... that should do the job nice!! :P

    wish you good luck ya!!

    p.s. paiseh i didn't see your message left behind coz i sleep very early ok?? lol... haha... so late still stay awake?? not good for health ah!! haha must take care ok??

  1. Ken says:

    Woots... I'm on the list too. Haha... Apa macam mahu bahagi itu iPhone? Jangan lupa saya ah...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Xiaopei,
    thanks thanks..hopefully ya~~

    Dear BooNMing,
    my dear bro, u r oso funny funny there la..u wan make me laugh til death oso meh..aiyoh..dun treat me like tat lar~~ hehehe..

    No worry no worry..I still can chat with u other time..it's not really a big deal..no be upset ya~~

    Dear Ken,
    sure u r in my list la..sm mr my regular visitor leh!! hehehe..u oso wan me to bahagi ar?? hehehe..i really dunno how leh...if i really got it then I will let u knw again ya~~ muahahhaha!!

  1. maro^gal says:

    good luck...
    wish u got the big prize iPhone..!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Thanks thanks my dear maro^gal!!!
    hopefully hopefully~