LAME conversation with a SEXY blogger^^

Posted: 13 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Last night was kinda a lame-Ing night
where I had conversation with a sexy blogger in
Hakka Language

Actually, we did not plan to have such language of converation~ came spontaneously after I wrote sth at Facebook.

As many of you know,
we can write whatever we want at the column:
>>What's on you mind?<<

So, the story started like what I wrote below:
(sorry, if the pics are too small for you..kindly click it ya if it's too small)
At 1st, I was only releasing my Frustration towards some ppl who did not reply my msg to them in Hakka. I never expected that my friends in FB can understand it unless some of my hmtown buddies..Freakingly, there's some1 whom I think she couldn't understand had replied me that she could Understand what I wrote wor.. *thumbs up* for her!!

Our conversation went on and on as follow:
Actually, I made a typo mistake on what I wrote, then she corrected me. Muahaha..paiseh la.. When we say "Ba Bi" in Hakka sortly means Great, Proud..but I wrote it in Cantonese pulak >> Ba Bai<<..thanks sexy Carol of correcting me lol :XD

Hmm..then our conversation ended up where our sexy Carol gave up that it's kinda Hard to find what word matches what word wor..Some more, she added "Pain in the ass"!! Hehehe..I knew it's a joke for the last part..but anyway, I enjoyed it cz we conversed in Hakka eh!! Don't play play ar~~ :P

Since I've mentioned on our sexy Carol at the 1st place,
Let me introduce my new blogger pal a bit bit lar^^
She is Caroline Tsau^^
I din bluff lo..she looks sexy+hot+pretty eh in this pic!!
You guys may visit her blog [here]
Though I knew her not long enough, but I believe she is those kind or person who treasures + appreciates Friendship^^ She loves her friends so much & she does cherish the happie moments that she had with her dearest friends^^ (Dear Carol, I hope I didn't state wrongly ya, forgive me if it's wrong wor.."zo yin ngm shu an ba bi ar!!":XD)

Though we had a Lame conversation,
but thanks her for cheering me up
when I was in the midst of Frustration^^

Nice meeting you once again,
do study hard hard for your coming exam ya^^
Wish you all the best in your future undertakings^^

That's all for today~
See you guys again 2mr^^


  1. leechon says:

    hahhaha..lame but funny!!

    ohya...i nanged urs...can u help me nang as well?



  1. lol sexy blogger *drooling* hahaha.. luckily I didn't use facebook, lazy to follow up like friendster

  1. relax relax... nothing that can't be solve de... ur language ar.. hmm...

  1. leechon says:

    aha...thanks thanks...^^

  1. fufu says:

    you gotta learn the dialect again!! ba bai is cantonese!! i am a half hakka as well =p

  1. lol. why that's so sweet of u.=) i'd put my blog to private temporarily. will put it back to public again soon. =)

  1. Anonymous says:

    ngai jin hae ti yit bai duk hakka blog. LMAO.mao det din! ngai zhong yi! =x

  1. wiyono says:

    setelah menjelajah ke blog para sohib, ternyata aku bertemu juga dengan blog mu yang mantab ini bro.
    semoga kelak menjadi blog terdepan, oiya sambil aku jalan jalan gmana kalau kita tukeran link..biar sama-sama meningkatkan PR. karena PR adalah gengsi para blogger pada umumnya

  1. Anonymous says:

    im hakka lang..
    but i duno hakka.. lol =P

  1. Ken says:

    Haha...Zin hao siao. Ngai ya heh hakka ngin!

    Not bad ur blog, at least promote our mother tongue. Hakka wa wan soi!

  1. hey lil sister....very sexy blogger...visited her site also....u can speak hakka language...not bad ler...

    click ur honda nn ads liow...enjoy it

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