Thanks Nuffnang on the SURPRISE!!

Posted: 05 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Today is my LUCKY day!!!
My superb LUCKY day lar^^
Why do I say so????



I've received a LOVE LETTER from Nuffnang!!




It says:
I've been invited to
Premiere Screening of Blood: The Last Vampire!!


This is my 1st surprise from Nuffnang where
my slogan was selected among the 177 slogans!!!
It's superb GAY to be 1 of the 35 best slogans!!

Well, in this contest we need to complete the following slogan:
"If I'm a vampire, I'll......" (not more than 15 words)~

Here comes my slogan:
If I’m a vampire, I’ll be the Champion in
“Who got the highest age in the world” challenge for sure!

Muahahahha...I know my slogan kinda lame!
But THANKS God that I won that 2 premier screening tickets!!

Not forget~

I've gt 2 tickets~
So, who am I inviting to go with me??

My dada (bf)??
No la~ He gotta work leh..

I'm inviting my Uni's besties: Ms.Joanne!!
Yeah..finally gt the opportunity to hang out with her adi!!
It's been few months we did not go out together,
now and finally I got the CHANCE!! Muahahahhaha~

Here I come..
It's gonna be my 1st attending Nuffnang event!!


  1. a@ron says:

    I've won the Terminator's tickets last week. Cool to meet bloggers around too!

  1. wow so nice, I wish I can go but then I am in Melaka haha siennnn

  1. 祈颖 says:

    u are so lucky!!!so good leh~~~

  1. maro^gal says:

    tats great..!! congrats to u..!!!!!!

  1. Squidö says:

    wow!! Good good!!!!!!! Keep d luck with you!

  1. Anonymous says:

    enjoy the movie screening ya! =D

  1. leo7_lion says:

    that's a great slogan.^^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear a@ron,
    U r lucky enuff to win the tickets for Terminator Salvation!! Hehehe..yeah..hope to meet those bloggers that I knew~

    Dear bro Mike,
    aiyoh..come come study in KL la..then we can go together ler..

    Dear 祈颖,
    thanks thanks~~ Do participate in the upcoming free movie tickets by Nuffnang if there is any ooo^^

    Dear maro^gal,
    yayaya..superb surprise that I won it!!

    Dear Squidö,
    yayaya..hopefully luck will always b with me^^

    sure sure bro~~ i will enjoy as much as i can!!

    Dear leo7_lion, far, oni u complimented on my slogan~ kakaka..thanks bro!

  1. Irene says:

    dear..enjoy the movie ya!

  1. Chew says:

    Congrats on your winning.

  1. cjude87 says:

    wow congrats!! cool hilarious slogan, ahaha