Pre-view pic of someone SPECIAL to me^^

Posted: 03 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Dear fellow bloggers & friends^^

1st of all, thanks for the sweet+warmth concern to me. I'm supposed to be getting better today as I felt great in the morning. Anyhow, after picking some calls from so-called "Stingy users" during working hour, I started to feel headache again!!

Gosh, I just could not handle my stress+temper well~ This has proved that my EQ was superb low as I could not tolerate with such users when I was in bad mood!! Since I work for $$$ and to gain experience, I'm trying persuade myself to chill out and be patient when facing such "stingy", "kia-su", "overconfidence" users.

Anyway, I gotta sleep early tonight. I can't stay up late late anymore where I'm headache-Ing + back pain-Ing now~

As I promised in my previous post that I will share couple of pics of some1 special to me. Anyhow, no one dare to guess who is she/he. Let me show you guys a pre-view pic of her 1st.



Figure it out who she is??

What?? What?? What??
Still could not recognise who she is??

Want tips for it??
Alright..alright..Actually she is one of the famous
Local Chinese Actress in Malaysia^^

As I promised earlier,
if anyone of you can figure her out with the
1st correct comment

He/she will receive something special from me^^

Good luck in your guessing ya~
Good night and sweet dream everyone^.^


  1. cjude87 says:

    hmm~ let me guess...well, i have no idea on chinese actors
    well, is she...Karen Kong? Amber Chia? XD
    just trying..

  1. Errr......i think she won Ms Malaysia some year??? :)

  1. Xiaopei says:

    I am not into malaysian actress.. LOL ...

  1. 祈颖 says:

    i am same as xiaopei...hahaXD

  1. maro^gal says:

    i know .. i know... she is a pretty gal!... (from the pix)..

    hahaa any more clues??.. i dont really familiar with Msian artist.. heheeee

  1. Woww she's very beautiful..but sori i dunno who is her..

  1. yupp, pretty cuteyy, but i dont know her...who is she??

  1. Chow Yu Mei?
    Crystal Liu Yifei?
    Phyllis Quek?

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Henry,
    Muahaahha~~ It's not funny k?? :XD

    Dear cjude87,
    Bro, if i tell her that she looks alike Karen Kong or Amber Chia..she will b veli happie happie~~ hehehhee~

    Dear Elaine Tam,
    Yeap..she won beauty pagent competition b4~ If not mistaken, it's the Pacific Beauty contest!! And if i m not she born 1984 too~

    Dear Xiaopei,'s alrite k?

    Dear 祈颖,
    hahahah~~ good guess...try to figure it out more la..

    Dear maro^gal,
    hehehehe..more clues ar?? hmm..alrite alrite..i will show u guys tonite!!

    Dear Mama Danish,
    hehehhe..yayay~ she is pretty too in real..

    Dear lieya orange M.I.,
    hahaha..still cannot reveal the ans la..let u guys guuess slowly~~

    Dear Chloe,
    wah wah wah..dear~~ all those names u gave..i really duno who are they leh..adui~~ *fainted*:P

  1. cjude87 says:

    arghh, I guess I got it wrong, well, at least that makes her happy, haha

  1. passerby says:

    That's Aenie Wong.

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have totally no idea.. lol