Sorry, I'm not a Vampire who sucks BLOOD!!

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Hello my dear readers and friends^^
I'm back to blog again~

Sorry for "MIA" too long,
I'm sure some of you might ask where have I hidden myself~
Aiks..I didn't hide to anywhere else la..
I was too tired due to my work as always..
No worry and no need to suspect so much ya~

Without any delay,
Let's move on with the post on
my outing with my dearest old schmate
at the premiere screening of Blood: The Last Vampire

Some of you may ask why did I go out with my old schmate
but not with my Uni's besty whom I mentioned in my previous post..
Haiz..long story..she could not make it at the last minute
and luckily I found my old schmate from Facebook
*thx FB so much* and asked her to join me
to this premiere screening^^

Without any hesitation, my dear old schmate agreed to join me
and I appreciated her precious time with me..
Thanks my dear nana so much, muahhhhhhxxxx^^

Let's scroll down now^^




Awww..looks scary eh^^
The backdrop which next to the entrance of the cinema~

Clokwise from top: Free Coupon to get Popcorn,
place where we get our Popcorn,
The Free Tickets where we gt from NN counter,
us (nana+me) with the tickets^^

We were so so so EXCITED where we camwhoring non-stop!!
Nana, I miss you so so so much after
we didn't meet for about 3 years!!

The contestants of the
"Best Vampire + Cosplay costumes competition"!!
Sad to tell you guys that I've missed the competition!!
I was so blurred that I didn't know NN was in conjuction with
other companies to organise this event..My gosh..I've missed it!!

Let's check out the pic of the main actress in this movie^^
Her name is "Saya"!!
I love her acting+expression in this movie!!
She was COOL enough when she use her
so-called"samurai" to kill those "BLOOD SUCKERS"
I will rate 4.5/5 of her acting in this movie!!

Do you guys know who is she??
I'm sure some of you guys could figure it out lol..
Let me tell you la..
she is Jeon Ji-Hyun!!
She was the main actress in romantic-comedy flick
"My Sassy Girl" in 2001!!
She looks totally different from Blood movie
and also the pic above lo!!
I couldn't recognize but my old schmate>>Nana<<
spot her out while we watched the Blood movie eh!!
What a sharp eyes she has huh^^

One last pic for this post,
yeap~ The goodie bag i got frm the Blood premiere scsreening!!
Though I missed the "Best Vampire+Cosplay Costumes" competition
but I kind happie that I got this goodie bag ler~~

My ratings to this movie>>Blood-The Last Vampire<< are as follow:
Storyline: 4/5
Acting: 3.5/5
Music: 3.5/5
Animation: 3/5

That's all for today,
hope to blog again 2mr^^


  1. Bboy Rice says:

    taht goodie bag have many things wie..
    really very good goodie bag... XD

  1. wahhh wana watch movie leh... transformer coming next! but very sad hor the ticket here so exp!

  1. leo7_lion says:

    really get ticket from NN? Wow

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear Bro Mike,
    yeap..u shud have a watch on this movie!!!

    dear Bboy Rice,
    hi..nice meeting u!! lotsa stuffs in the goodie bags!!

    dear Bro henry,
    akakkaa....go JB watch it la~ hehehe..

    dear Bro leo7_lion,
    yala..i gt the ticket FREE from NN!!! hehehe..

  1. yo lisa, m going to watch it tonight at Pavilion...can't wait dy~

  1. syiok..I walso wan to get the tickets from nuffnang too..hahahhah~

  1. sirei says:

    ahahaha, u took a pic of my friends!
    the 2 girls with the white skull mask dude are my colleagues! XD

  1. wiyono says:

    setelah menjelajah ke blog para sohib, ternyata aku bertemu juga dengan blog mu yang mantab ini bro.
    semoga kelak menjadi blog terdepan, oiya sambil aku jalan jalan gmana kalau kita tukeran link..biar sama-sama meningkatkan PR. karena PR adalah gengsi para blogger pada umumnya

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont think i'll watch it.. lol..
    dont attract me at all.. =P

  1. c0co says:

    waaa dear!!!if i went then i met u d lo???haihz..tat day i din go coz too far for ex...T_T