The Vegetarian Restaurant

Posted: 08 March 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , , ,

To all Vegetarian-Lover out there!! I've something to recommend to you. If anyone of you wanna taste delicious food & drinks..U can go to Tian Yian Cafe at SS2!! Their shop is painted in GREEN color- I think they wanna portray that they are selling Organic food & also to directly show that it is a VEGETARIAN restaurant!! Fuyoh~hahaha..I hope my assumption is correct.. Okay, this is the inner look of the restaurant..they have lot of stylish mirror on the wall & there are CD-roms to decorate it a bit..what do u think?? not bad rite?? oh ya, by the way..Tian Yian Cafe is an SMOKING inside!!
Ha~ here comes the dishes that I've ordered-Hamilton Weed Rice!! Taste not bad..the reddish color meat-so called "ham" is made by flour..It's Vegetarian,man..No meat!! Do u wanna try?? it's only RM5.80.. Look nice taste not bad too^^
heyhey..don't assume that these 2 drinks can't attract your attention..actually they can make you feel "wow" when you drink it.. Frm left: Peach Apricot Tea(RM3.50) & Belgium Ice Coffee(RM4.50)... Have you drank these sorts of drinks b4?? For the Peach Apricot Tea has a deep aroma of Peach!! yeah..when you drink it,you will feel very relax^^ Meanwhile, Belgium Ice Coffee taste like Mocha+Tiramisu & it also has a bit creamy taste...sounds cool rite?? Try it & you'll feel the difference~~
Here is the last one-Tiramisu cake-My favourite!! For my frenz out there, u sure know what to do when it's my bday!! The Tiramisu in Tian Yian Cafe taste good cz it's smooth enough and it's not too sweet..just perfect!!

Can't you stop ur saliva from dropping out of your mouth after seeing these food n drinks?? Hahaha...just go ahead...Try the delicious food ya..& wish u all have a nice day..

If you all have any nice food to recommend, dun hesitate to leave your comment here & tell where is it ya..hehe^^ thx a lot~~


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha... very delicious... ;-P
    can you tell me where is the vegetarian restaurant? i also want to try!! i want drink the drinks!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    The vegetarian restaurant is situated at SS2,Pj!! hehehe..wanna taste the drink ar?? go go go~ its veli nice o...feel cool n relax if u ordered the Peach Apricot Tea..anyway, thx of ur support on my blog my dear fren!~