I just had my McValue Lunch, what about you?

Posted: 26 May 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

Hey hey people, McDonald's is organising a contest on promoting their McValue Lunch with the tagline- Have your McValue Lunch-ed this week? :) I'm sure many of the bloggers out there do acknowledge about it. What do you think with their tagline?? I think it's COOL + Creative enough!! Hmm..let me tell you lar..the coolest part of this contest is.. you stand a chance to win a iPhone 3G!!



Whoa..once I saw the advertisement about this contest, I quickly grabbed my money and headed to the nearest McD^^I thought I can "makan" my McValue Lunch happily but..but..but..things didn't run as smooth as I thought!! *roar* Let's check out the pic below who's "kacau-ING"/disturbing my happie moments with McD!!

My oh my..the Alphabet Magnet Bears from McD would like to "conquer" my McValue Lunch!!! Luckily, 4 alphabets of L.I.S.A (my name) Magnet Bears were kind enough where they stood in front of me to protect my McValue Lunch^^

Anyhow, the Alphabet Magnet Bears insisted to get my Mcvalue Lunch away!! Since there're only 4 Magnet Bears-L.I.S.A protecting where 4 Magnet Bears are obviously cannot fight with 22 Magnet Bears lo!! "Mama-Mia..I gonna lost my McValue Lunch!!"

In a glimpse of an eye, all of the Magnet Bear's opponents included the 4 L.I.S.A Magnet Bears which had betrayed me GRAB my McValue Lunch away!!! Gosh, this is RIDICULOUS!!

"Poor me..Pity me" All of them were sticked to my McValue Lunch closer and closer!!

At that time, I felt damn scare+HUNGRY~~ Wonder "Can't you guys give my McValue Lunch back to me?"

Surprisingly, when I was still in depression of loosing my McValue Lunch to the Magnet Bears..there're 7 Magnet Bears returned the McValue Lunch to me eh!! At least 7 of them had the purest heart where they knew "conquering" other's McValue Lunch is not a Good deed.

Have you McValue Lunch-ed this week? :) Let's grab 1 today with as low as RM5.95 only!! Hurry up before other's "conquer" & grab it away~~~ *grin*

Yum Yum Yummmy^^
What are you waiting for??
Head to the nearest McDonald's today!!

I hope I could bring the iPhone home^^
Wish all of the bloggers who have participated
in this contest the best of luck!!

For those who would love to participate in this contest,
Please Hurry Up as the due date is May 31st, 2009!!

Once again,
Have you McValue Lunch-ed this week? :)


  1. laikepo says:

    You are creative, it is funny. You already get all the Alphabet Magnet Bears???

  1. haha..... omg.. u actually have all the bears...

    how much mc do u exatly eat??

  1. Ken says:

    Good idea for the contest.
    All d best to u!

  1. leo7_lion says:

    wow, u made me feel like eating McD again^^

  1. Sean Lon says:

    cool idea. wow! alot bears! thts crazy! haha. all the best! iphone 3g! roar!lol

  1. very nice sister.. haha I can't eat cause not feeling well

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    hahaha... good good !!! iwsh you luck in getting your hand on the iPhone!!! hahaha... very creative and funny lor... hahahaha

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear laikepo~
    thanks..hehehe..yeap! I hav got all of the Alphabet Magnet Bears last year!!

    Dear misstangguo,
    yaya~~ got all of the bears adi!! wakaka..i din eat much la..

    Dear Ken,
    Thanks for the comment n compliment^^

    Dear leo7_lion,
    hehehe..dun so exaggerate la..hehehe~~

    Dear Sean Lon,
    wakakakkakak~~ thanks!! hope i could get the iPhone!!

    Dear bro Mike,
    ooppss..u not feeling well?? what's happened to u? have u taken any med yet?? muz take gd k ya~ miss u~

    Dear BoonNMing,
    yeap yeap~~ thanks for the wish!!

  1. wah...macdonald should pay u a hefty sum for doing that great ad u hv here in yr bloggie...hehehehe...

  1. Adry says:

    hahhaa... cool story.... you really surprised me seeing you owned all those magnet bear... you must be one McD's lover...

    good luck with the contest!

    Adry @ http://www.adrysabry.com

  1. Anonymous says:

    wah!!!!so creavite n cool yah...ur story so touch n pity whn ur magnet bear conquer wanna eat ur MCValue lunch.

  1. 鸿鹏 says:

    woohoo! mcd value lunch!
    i ate almost everyday but u have a nice post on this mc value meal! haha..keep it up!

  1. sirei says:

    such a cute idea :D
    at least u get the hamburger~

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow you got so many mcd bears!
    geng! haha..
    eh cute la your entry..
    all the best ya! ;)

  1. irene says:

    dear...so nice..you have collected so many magnet toys...can i have one...hahaha..
    too bad cuz i'm not a McD fan

  1. sis, u r really so creative oh.....haha....you should be a PR or work as a event company...haha....or else, u should ask McD to hire u...haha...it's funny and creative...

  1. tiffanie says:

    very creative indeed!
    u've make use of those bears so well!
    n totally agreed with wat reanaclaire said...mcd should not only give u the iphone but also paying you for helping them promote MCD!

    good job and keep it up..
    hope that u will be the WINNER~

  1. very cute teddys u get there...
    love it all much...

  1. Chew says:

    so many toys u got..sure spend alot they sure happy about it.

  1. gregorule says:

    wow~ nice post!

    where u get all the toys???

  1. anis says:

    hey, i like those bears! so cute!

    hope dat u'll win this! :)

    gudluck! :D

  1. Nice collection & hope your the "chosen 1" 3g Iphone winner! ;)

  1. creative yet cute~~
    i just had the McValue lunch today~

  1. Raymond says:

    looks likes the bear can't resist the burger too.=]

  1. plug2pin says:

    so creative.....good one sis

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    yo sis!! hehe... come here to support you again!! give more support to you!! :)

    (still can't believe that you actually owns so many teddy bears!! aahahaha)

  1. allen says:

    wow! good job with coming up with a story plot. :D
    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  1. gosh dear...look at all the bears you have!!!how much did you really go for it??
    incredible story line you have here sis...good job!!
    all the best and thanks for dropping by my blog...be one of my follower yeah...thanks..

  1. Joey says:

    Nice! Love ur blog so much. I'll go for McD this weekend. Wait me~~~~~

  1. a@ron says:

    Muahaha. Funny magnet bears. Me gonna grab it too!

  1. wow....nice story....support u ler!

  1. That was cute! I like it. All the best! =)

  1. HitoMi^^ says:

    it is nicely done. so kawaii...and you have so many of the BEARS!!

  1. lilteddie says:

    heyy, nice post!
    the bears are uber cute. x)
    hope u win the iphone 3G. =D

  1. waahhh veri creative and its so funny lisa...u r realy like bear right?hope u will win the iPhone..nice yaaa

  1. wenQ says:

    the idea is good, good concept. :)

  1. cjude87 says:

    nice post...the bear INVASION!! hahaha, i wish the bears are edible though cos they are so colourful...like M & M's =.="

  1. agnes says:

    wow~ u really put a lot of effort on that!!!

    Creative and link with McD ler! Good.... I love the concept overall... Very interesting...

    Girl, wish u luck ya!

  1. thx 4 ur comment ya~
    ur post really creative ya
    but u hv all those bear o?

  1. ChArL3n3 says:

    Wow!!! That's a lot of teddy le.. I also want! Haven't been to McD for ages. LOL! Not a big fan of fast food but wish u all the best in the contest :D So creative de post. HAhaha.. Really love how you said your L-I-S-A teddy protect u. HAHAH!

  1. Hehe, love this post. Its just too cute to resist looking. Good luck with yr MCD contest dear! :)

  1. Hey, Elaine is in the house..~~

    Your entry very cute!! and interesting, I feel like to have all the bears!!!!

    Anyway, good luck on your McD Lunch contest... :)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear reanaclaire,
    muahahaha..McD shud pay me?? No need la..i willingly wanna take part in this contest and it's my pleasure to participate in it^^

    Dear Adry,
    kakakka~~ u gotta believe that i own all of the bear bear neh^^

    Dear Anonymous,
    thanks~ hahaha..it was out of sudden for me to think of such idea^^

    Dear 鸿鹏,
    wow..u have McValue lunch everyday?? Cool..hehee..thanks in btw~

    Dear sirei,
    muahahhaa..yaya..at last I won and gt my burger back!!

    Dear kenwooi.com,
    thanks thanks..wish u the same too!!

    Dear irene,
    aiks..so sorry my dear that I cant give my bear bear to you o...cz it's a limited edition neh..hahaha..anyway, thanks~

    Dear t3ddy be@r,
    thanks sis for commenting on this post..hmm, hope i gt the chance to work in even company..i dun mind to work with McD if they wanna hire me..muahahhaha..thanks sis^^

    Dear tiffanie,
    yayayyaa..I din realise that I got the sudden idea to use all of my Mcd bear bear in creating this post~ thanks so much on ur sweet comment!!

    Dear sitekateki | dD,
    hehehe..thanks for the Love^^

    Dear Chew,
    hahahhaa..yeap, the bear bear consider expensive la bt worth it cz i can make use of it now on this post^^

    Dear gregorule,
    I bought the bear bear from Mcd last year..it's a limited edition magnet bear bear^^

    Dear anis,
    thanks on ur sweet comment^^

    Dear "I" the writer,
    hahhaa..hopefully I am..I wan the iPhone desperately!!!

    Dear ~*Sz3Wei*~,
    Glad that u had McValue Lunch too!! Thx on the comment^^

    Dear Raymond,
    yayaya~ those bear bear veli scary hor..wanna conquer my burger some more :XD

    Dear plug2pin,
    Thx on the sweet comment^^

    Dear BooNMiNG,
    wow~ u r kind enuff to leave 2nd comments to me here!! muakssss^^ aiyoh..if u can't believe..i show u in real lo~~ hehehe..

    Dear allen,
    hehehe~ thx, gotta thanks God for the out of sudden idea to come out with a story plot~

    Dear nuroll azrin kamaroll zaman,
    sure, i will one of ur followers~ erm..those bears costed me RM3 each. I got it last year where it is a limited edition magnet bears frm McD^^ hehehe..thanks on ur sweet comment^^

    Dear Joey,
    I m going to have it again this weekend!! hahaha..mayb I will meet u on that day?? thanks on the sweet comment^^

    Dear a@ron,
    Nooooo....i wont let u grab my bear bear away even try to grab my McD value burger. But I can let you have a touch on it~ hehehhehe..

    Dear vialentino,
    thanks bro of ur time to leave comment here~ thanks again^^

    Dear PoisonKagero,
    Thx on the sweet comment^^

    Dear HitoMi^^,
    hehehehe..thanks thanks!! yeap..i got all of the bear bear frm McD^^

    Dear lilteddie,
    Yeap..hopefully I could win~ thanks on the sweet comment^^

    Dear Mama Danish,
    hahahha..i kinda like bears too~ thanks thanks on the sweet comment^^

    Dear wenQ,
    Thx dear on the comment^^

    Dear cjude87,
    wow~ u have such a high imagination!! hehehhee..I never thought that the bear bear look alike the M&M..heheheh~ Good for u and thanks for the comment^^

    Dear agnes,
    dear~ thanks so much for leaving ur comment here..hahaha~ there's space for me to improve this post..anyway, thx and hope i could bring the iPhone home^^

    Dear blur de 我,
    Thanks and yes, I got all of those bear bear^^ U gotta believe in me!! hahahhaa...

    Dear ChArL3n3,
    kekekekkekek~~ thanks God that I got the idea of L.I.S.A bears who protect my burger bt they r not tat loyal to me at all..heheheh~~ they veli bad bad hor..anyway, thx on the sweet sweet comment!!

    Dear Katz Berema,
    kakakkaka~~ Thanks thanks and hoping desperately I could win the iPhone!!!

    Dear ~Elaine Tam~ ,
    hello~ thanks for peeping at my blog and leaving ur sweet comment here~ hmm..those bears are limited edition wor..not sure McD will release it out again or mayb newest version in the future..anyway, thanks once again^^

  1. This is so colourful :)

  1. HAHAHAH!!!! I love your post! Thanks for stopping by my blog! All the best!


    nice post Lisa =)

  1. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my McDonalds video. We had fun putting it together, and filming it.

    Gee, you sure have a lot of bears, huh? :) Maybe McDonalds should swap their prize for you and give you a mega huge bear instead of an iPhone!

    I wish you all the best in the contest too.

  1. It's really creative, good job!
    Btw, I got news saying MCD website is revealing the contestants' information to public because they never encrypt it safely.

    I am not sure about that, hope you can find it out more and deal with it. Be safe in the web world. See you soon. =)

  1. i want the alphabet magnet bears!! so cute!!

    hehe.. super berdrama n cute ur post but it shows that you're creative n lots of effort was put into it!! =)

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! appreciate you :)

    all the best in winning that iPhone! creative storyline ;)

  1. not bad. in fact it's pretty cute with all the little bears around.=) keep up the good work! cheers!hope tht ur able to get that iphone.=)

  1. c0co says:

    cuteee!!!!!!!!!omg !!creative one!!wish u all the best dear=D~*

  1. SuPing says:

    Cute :D

    And McValue Lunch is AWESOOOOOME.

    Spicy Chicken McDeluxe >:D

    Good luck! :)

  1. ~XiAnG~ says:

    Its a very creative and interesting post...
    All the best for you to win the competition :)

  1. Jeffro says:

    Woah.. Awesome! Me LIkey the Story.. =D Way-ta-go Lisa!

  1. janine says:

    HAHAH SO CUUUUUUUTE! :D awesome post awesome post :D Good lucccccck!

  1. Wah, you got so many magnet bears.

  1. *ayu* says:

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think u'll win..
    very creative!

  1. 祈颖 says:

    wow,its creative!!!i am very enjoy my time in MCD,but i seldom buy those dolls~haha,i like the hamburger sold in the MCD!!!

  1. Dosz says:

    cute one. haha

    anyway i've entered the competition as well. this is mine :)


  1. maro^gal says:

    a nice post... :-)

    hahhaa the Alphabet Magnet Bears are so cute..!!!

  1. Mr.N says:


    very creative..
    hope u'll put the iphone deep inside in ur handbag soon hehe..=)

  1. Mem Aluya says:

    Ahaaa... good luck gal :)

  1. hope you to win lisa..... I Support you...Be confident and the Iphone is your.... gud luck...

  1. Anonymous says:

    <3 yr advertisement (:

  1. Wow. Must be a very big fan of McDs XD

  1. eric says:

    haha..thanks for visiting my blog..very cute post on McD actually...hehe

  1. d2z says:

    thanx for dropping by..
    anyway, creative idea.. :)

  1. angeyy says:

    Wow! I can't believe you have the bears!

    Hope your efforts won't go to waste and you can bring the iphone home. The phone's really awesome!

    Good luck! And time to eat some dumplings! :x

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    hahaha... support you again!! :P

    wow.. so fast got over 70+ comments ler?!! you are close !! go go go !! :)

  1. lisa, wish u all d best..wah byk nya bear..jeles i!

  1. ChuNg says:

    nice attempt from u...GOOD LUCK!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear all~~
    I m here to thanks thanks all of you once for more~~ Besides saying Thanks, I really do not what shall I say to you guys!!

    Muaksss..love you guys always n always~~

  1. yinkoon says:

    i think your blog is so cool. with the bears and all. good luck with the i phone.

  1. john says:

    nice blog. but the doctor say last time, there is an american did an experiment to see how long it need for mcd fries to get moldy. and the result is after 3 month also nothing happen. correct ah?

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    hahaha... come to SUPPORT you again and again!! :)