1.1 to go to my BUFFDAY^^

Posted: 16 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Dearest readers and friends,

So sorry that I did not update my blog this few days as you guys know it's the "Hectic-Skeptic Weekdays" again where as usual I'm superb tired after work @.@

Other than that, I do not have much time to visit your blogs..please forgive me ya..no worry, I will for sure check out your blogs once I free ya~

Today is 16th which means 1.1 = 1 month & a day to go to my Buffday!! Yayyyyyy~ Hmm..not sure whether I'm going to celebrate it or not..hope to receive SURPRISE on that day ler *wink*+*grin*

Let's check out the pic below for a preview of my next post^^
Awwww...what's that?? what's that?? It's kinda look like C..Co..Con..Cond..Condo......CONDOM!!
Muahahhaa,stay tune for my next post^.^

Good night everyone^.^
Have a sweet dream & sleep tight^^


  1. i know i know... the thing we go inside a room and put it on before we have fun.... lol... sounded so wrong!

  1. cjude87 says:
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  1. cjude87 says:

    hey happy birthday in advance lis!

  1. hahahah, i thought today is your birthday...heheheh~

    Good plan ......enjoy wor.. :)

  1. lol happy early bday. haha I know, it's to cover the microphone one xD..

  1. sirei says:

    happy birthday dear~ :)
    enjoy having fun

  1. I know what those are, the microphone's cover! LOL~ I used to hang out with friends who love singing so much that we visited Redbox almost once a week! So I am pretty "pro"! Haha!

  1. wah...ur bday coming soon ler...1.1 month very fast one...

  1. LimPek says:

    happy birthday ya..hope to see ur birthday celebration pic

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha.. happy birthday in advance! =D