Dishes that cheer me up^^

Posted: 28 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Crappy Wrappy:
Hye people, how are you guys today? Well, frankly to tell all of you that I'm not really in a GOOD condition and moody as well. Last night, I cried when I went to bed. I also do not know why suddenly I felt superb stress on my working life. I have so much worry on my life. I understood that I gotta leave everything to God but I just could not control my emotion. So sorry that I do not wish to talk so much on this matter, do pray for me so that I could get well no matter mentally or physically ya. Hmm..I'm sure I have thought so much @.@|||.

I wanna share something with you
that may Cheer me up^^

What's it?? what's it??
It's the homemade dishes^^'s FOOD-posting time!!


Suprising Toufu^^
Why do I name it in that way?? cz toufu is originally with SOY taste but the above dish has surprising add on dishes with tasty gravy inside the toufu!! This is what we call D.I.Y, with a lil bit of creativity, you can alter sth ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!! *perasaan-ing*


Colorful Vege^^
Aha..with 1 look, we know this is a colorful vege. No much explanation needed why I named it that why lol.. hehehe^^This is a healthy+delicacy dish where you guys shall try to cook it at home! Yummy yummy ^.^


Coconut Prawn^^
This is really new to me and it looks promising too, dont cha think so?? Btw, there are PRAWNS inside!!! hehe^^ Wanna know what it tastes like?? kakaka..let me tell you la.. It's actually tasted like TOMYAM!! Woooo..gotta present this to the TOMYAM Lovers!! Unfortunately, I could not take superb spicy food so I could not give more comment on this~ Anyway, this is a special dish of the day where the chef purposely cook this for me to try out..muahahaha..


I'm sure all of you may ask who cooked
the mentioned dishes above??
kakakakaka..who leh who leh??
check out the below pic lol^^




He is my dada lo~
We took the pic above on 7th Jun 2009~
Anyway, thanks him so much to spend his off day
to cook yummy yummy dishes for me!!

that's all for today^^
Wishing you guys have a great weekdays ahead!!
Hopefully I will feel better 2molo~
God bless everyone~


  1. Chiann says:

    How sweet huh!!!..not the LoVE mushroom soup anymore. Btw, cheer k, don be so stress, gotta meet you on tomorrow ya.. Chill with u again ...

  1. What happen to your work? Dont worry, be happy!! Lisa is the happy go lucky gal right? :) Wish you luck GAMBATEH!!

  1. Joey says:

    Dear Lisa, I'm so sorry to heard it. Frankly speaking, actually I'm facing the same problem. I feel very stress in my work and also scare go to work. I think beside there are lots of stress come from works, there also because of working environment. I also don't know what should I do now...

  1. Ken says:

    The lovely tofu-s keep shouting me to try on them. I'm so hungry now...

    Prawn in coconut? 1st time to hear that, must be delicious.


  1. Chew says:

    it sure cheer me up too.

  1. aiyoh...going to lunch time....u give me some idea wat to eat mood for chinese food now

  1. a@ron says:

    your dada so cute. lol I'm straight though

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Chiann,
    wow~ Not bad not bad huh..1st commentor of this post wor!! keke..haha..dun always love soup love soup la..haha..boring boring 1 leh~ no worry, i will cheer up geh~

    Dear Ewine,
    kakaka..sorry to make u hungry o~

    Dear Elaine,
    dear~ thanks so much for the sweet concern...there's long story to explain..i will do my take gd k there too!! muaks..

    Dear Joey,
    hmm...i really Hate my working life..I dunno how to make myself to love the job!! Superb HATE the way I live now!!

    Dear Ken,
    yaya..u gotta try it if there's any restaurant in KK serving this kind of toufu n coconut prawn~ kakkaa...i oso 1st time heard abt the coconut prawn too~~

    Dear Chew,
    yeap yeap~ no worry la..ur gal gal sure will make lovely dishes to u too!!

    Dear Via,
    hehehe..gotta thanks thanks me hor..then spend me go makan makan nez time ler~~

    Dear a@ron,
    *blush* no la..he where gt cute wor!! kakaka..

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha food posting time!
    yummy food!
    makan is the best! =D