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Today, I would like to introduce a new restaurant near my campus. Have u all heard about Tappers?? Tappers is located in Jaya One at Section 13, PJ which is also near my campus. It's kinda like Old Town Kopitiam & Kluang Station whereby it sells tea, coffee, toast & other dishes as well. Oh ya, there are cakes too!! Does the name-Tappers sounds "musical"?? haha.."Tappers"..something like tap ur feet on the floor..[zZzzz..what am I talking about?] In the below pics are taken when i went there with my gal friends..

This is how the front look of Tappers!!

This is how the ceiling and the wall looks like..

This is how the environment in Tappers looks like..
don't it looks like old+classic English style?

These are what we order?
Frm left: Tapper Teh Ping (mine), Coke (cat) & Lime Juice (dini)!

All of the drinks above are RM2.50 each..

Ha..here comes my food-I have ordered:
Beans on Toast-RM1.50 & my drink as well.

& these are ordered by Cat-Kaya Butter Toast-RM1.20 and also her coke ler^^

After makan & minum~ Dini & Cat started to discuss on
what they should prepare & buy for the BBQ nite..
[what am I doing there?] haha..I am sure taking pics lo..
nth to do, taking pic is one of hobbies as well la^~^

ATTENTION: Students have 10% discount and there is WiFi.

Well, for me it is a nice place for discussion or doin assignments cz the drinks n foods there nt so expensive..n the environment is nice too..Just go & check it out ya..Happi Day^^


  1. ching says:

    hey lisa...
    long time din leave comment to ur blog. pai seh le..
    near which shop? look like not bad le..
    next time wanna go there.

  1. Lisa717 says:

    heheheh^^ this shop is located at Jaya 1 lo..juz opposite our UTAR building nia..

    yupe, the environment not bad ler..can surf net some more..

    i dunno how to describe the way to go there but if u really wanna go..nez time i accompany u go ya^^