Big Girl Doesn't Cry~

Posted: 21 June 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Hello my dear readers & friends^^
Wishing you guys a very Happie Sunday^^

OOooOo~~ yayayya~~
Not forget, wishing your daddys out there
have a super Happie Father's Day too!!!

I'm sure you guys makan-makan at restaurant
or you guys masak-masak at home to celebrate right??

What kind of pressy did you buy for your daddy?? matter what you guys bought,
your daddys sure love it much!!

Well, I have not celebrated Father's day since the day I studied in KL. For your information, my hometown is million miles away from KL which is at the Land Below The Wind-Sabah^^

Not because of I could not afford to buy
the flight tickets back to Sabah

But my dad has passed away on the 1st & same year that I pursued my degree in KL. My dad was diagnosed with lot of diseases and that's the reason why he passed away. He was the one who taken care of me and my sisters full time where my mum looked after our own restaurant for about 5 years.

You guys may ask why didn't my mum take care of us instead of my dad? The reason laid behind was because of my dad's health. After he quit smoking for few years, those diseases came and struck him. Since my dad's health was weak, so my mum advised him to take more rest at home while she looked after our own restaurant.

His death was a tragic to me as I could not believe of what has happened to him even until now~ I was so sad that I could not see him for the last, I was also sad that he could not see me that I have graduated from my tertiary studies. He was the one who arranged which Uni should I study at and which course should I take before he left us. I knew he put lot of expectation to me and I wished that he could live longer so that I can share my achievements with him.

I knew I should not sad everytime I recalled back the happie moments that I had with him. I knew I gotta be happie because my dad is in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ now. He is free from diseases/sickness in heaven but sometimes my tears could not resist to drop when I think of my dad. Ya..i'm Big girl right now..and Big girl doesn't cry right?

Here I'm to share my family pic with you guys.
The above pic was taken on the year of 2004
at my mum hometown-Semporna^^
Frm left: Me, youngest Sis, Mum, Dad & younger Sis~
Though my dad looked "huge+healthy" but act
he has diseases with him at tat moment^^

This 1 was taken on the year of 2005^^
I still remember that it was X'mas where we had open house!!
I love this pic so much where I framed it
with the photo frame & hung it on my door^^
I miss him so so so so much~~

No worry my dear friends,
I will always cheer up & stay happie!!

Once again,
Happie Father's Day to all Daddys around the world!!
Not forget, Happie Father's Day to my dad
who lives happily in Heaven now^^


  1. hey lisa...ur dad will proud and bless u from heaven....

  1. sis, dont cry....n must be strong still have us....we will always support you.....^^
    i also dont have celebrate fathers' day with my dad because my dad is at sabah right now...

  1. uhuhuhuh... nice writing... glad u appreciate ur family members. God bless to all of u!

  1. Lisa Yap says:

    be strong my dear, support u always.

  1. maro^gal says:

    ya.. add oil to you... be strong be tough !!

  1. leo7_lion says:

    I'm sorry to hear that

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    really .. as your title said ..


    i'm back to wish you happy always!! :)

  1. *hugs* your dad will definitely be proud of you right now *hugs*

  1. Anonymous says:

    im sorry to hear about this..
    be strong =)

  1. YeongChiann says:

    Halo my new friend,

    Be tough and stay strong !! nice to meet u ~~~

  1. Be strong, Lisa...I know you can do a re a strong gal right...

    Stay strong!! I'll be here! :)

  1. Adry says:

    we share the same situation... my dad passed away in 2007... so that was the last Father's day celebration for me...

  1. ~0~ says:

    yeahh...Big Girl don't cry. Always smiling. Cheer up. Ur strong girl.
    All da best

  1. c0co says:

    dear..we love u strong...

    ur daddy will be happy if he see his successful baby girl living happily...

  1. laikepo says:

    your daddy will very proud for you :D

  1. sirei says:

    your dad must be so proud of you.
    stay strong forever girl! :)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear all lovely + beloved friends, thanks so much for the encouragement+love!!!! Appreciate it so much!!! I will try my best to stay strong+tough!! Love you all + Muahhhxxxxssssss^.^

  1. Merryn says:

    stay strong. i'm a big girl and i do cry once in a while! :D

  1. Lisa717 says:

    ya~ smtimes we gotta cry to make us feel better~ anyway, we gotta always stay strong even though we there's obstacles in our life~ We gotta MOVE ON^^

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear, u are so brave o!!!!!