McD Newly MOVE IT meal!!

Posted: 07 November 2008 by Lisa717 in

It's Madagascar 2 fever everywhere!!
Nuffnang was just giving out the
free premier tickets to the nuffies recently...
Sadly, I did not get it...
today wanna introduce to ya all the
Move It meal by McD!!
Yupe yupe...
Let's move it...move it to McD~~
I just had my Move It meal yesterday^^
Took tis pic when I was queuing to buy my Move It meal~
(Wow~~ it's DOUBLE McChicken!!)
Here it goes....
My Cutie Move It meal^^
Gosh, the packaging of the burger n the fries is well designed!!
This is not an ordinary McD fries~~
Well, it's the Move It McShaker Fries!!
The uniqueness of this Fries is
you gotta pour the "flavouring" in it
& get started to shake it, move it!!
this is the "huge" DOUBLE McChicken burger!!
It really make me fulled and I don't even
have the "empty space" to have my dinner~
are you feeling hungry & tantalized
by the Move It meal???
What ya waiting for??
Taste the newly Move It meal today!!!


  1. ~Wong~ says:

    mcshaker fries is totally off... taste like Mamee Monster snack flavoring..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    agree with ya~~
    tat day, i m too dumb n I put all of the flavoring in the's too salty la..i really cant finish cz it really nt good to our health~~

    anyway, thx for peeping at my blog^^ take k ya..

  1. u know de says:

    when u 1 2 treat mi ler?

    how much is yr BUDGET ler...kekeke

    juz a joke o...

  1. alien says:

    yr post make me hungry..

  1. i like to move it, move it..
    you like to move it, move it..
    we like to move it!
    shake your bumbum or asses people!
    hohohoho...pardon me,i'm not myself this couple of days.. :P

    i like the mcshaker fries,only don't put the whole packet of seasoning..
    you'll die of the saltiness and ajinomoto..
    ok, i'm exaggerating but like lisa said not good for your health..hmmm...
    so sekian, terima kasih.. :)

  1. Lisa whatcha doing? Promoting MCD huh..? Make sure MCD pay you for this ;) Hee hee hee ;P

  1. CazzyCazz says:

    Aiks i am so outdated!! Heheheh...

  1. ching says:

    nice bo?? i also wan le.. mayb next time i will go n hav a try...

    i think u din waste time to study mass comm le.. coz mostly u can update the new info very fast de...
    must thanks ur parent jor...haha~