Rubbish everywhere!!!

Posted: 29 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

What a dirty road!!!!

Have you ever seen a dirty road with full of
RUBBISH??? Could you imagine how dirty is the road on the above pic?? I am sure all of you out there (esp. M'sians) have been to "Pasar Malam"/ Night Market rite?? And I also very concern that a lot of people will throw the rubbish everywhere if they went to the "Pasar Malam".. The pic on the above was taken after a "Pasar Malam"/Night Market at a town that sort of popular in Petaling Jaya.. I am not going to tell where the exact place is.. But some of you will know where is it if you know where do I stay la..hehe..

Hmm..don't you feel yucky/disgusting when you look at those rubbish??? Why do a lot of people still wanna throw the rubbish everywhere?? I am not sure that if any provided by the Majistret at "pasar malam"... If there is no, we, as a public should not throw the rubbish in this way rite?? We can throw the rubbish in the rubbish bin if we saw there is rubbish bin used by the stall hawkers. Or else, we keep the rubbish in the plastic bag and throw it away when we reach home.. I don't think its a hard work if we do so rite?? Our earth today is facing with "Global Warming". It is an serious issue..we have to take care of our earth so that we can live safely in this world.

Love ourselves, Love our earth. We can make a difference!


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  1. lisa says:

    my dear friend...please leave your name ya when u leave ur comment to me..

    yup..its really disgusting la..
    if 1 day they bcm a cleaner sure knw how it's gonna feel...

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    They will thk "I am impossible be a cleaner de la", tats y....!I saw more whc is serious thn tis situation! And the place is KLCC!!!! Tat is damn damn damn damn..... dirty... really feel so angry tat time, haiz! No idea to the goverment, maybe they thk tat tis is Malaysia's culture and dun spoil the "nature", because Malaysia is oway the Malaysia whc is nature.... to comfort self

    From: ahwah

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wah wah~
    thx for your supporting..

    KlCC really more serious from the pic i had taken ar? walaueh, how could it be like tat ler..KLCC is a place for visitor to shopping ler..haiz..if the travellers saw the "dirty" side of Msia sure wont travel to Msia again..

    anyway, for those who like to throw rubbish are really dunno how to appreciate wat the cleaners have done ler..they are oso human being, yes, they hav to do those cleaning thing but in tat kind of situation we, as a public hav to consider of our earth as well..if keep on like tat..we sure gonna die with the earth!!