On 20/02/08

Posted: 21 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

In the early morning of 20/02/08...

At 4' o clock in the early morning, i went to "mamak stalls" with my friend to have my breakfast. I had ordered a "Double Indo Mee " with an egg on it. I thought it won't be too much for it as usually the "Single Indo Mee" that i order was not really enough for me. So, I would like to try the "double" one.. After I eat and eat and eat..I felt I couldn't finished it already. But I still forcing myself to finish it. Cz we should not wasting food rite?? However, I still not able to finish it. Sigh..what a waste!!! Next time, I won't order "Double Indo Mee" anymore la..unless there is someone share with me ler..hehehe^.^

After breakfast, then me and my friend walked to home. On the way back to home, we passed by the "Pasar Pagi" whereby there were some hawkers preparing to start their business, setting up their stalls and so on.. Surprisingly, we saw somethings that captured our eyes..Oink..oInk...Oink!!! yeah, its "Pig" laying deadly on the stall's table. They have been cut into half!! I wondered how did the butcher cut them in such a way?? So champion man...cut from the head till the tail. It's totally become "two half pig"!!
After that, we saw a place which no any light has been turned on. Does it looks "romantic"?? Can you all figure out what place in the above pic?? It's a bank whereby there are ATM machines, Cheque & Cash Deposit machine in it. Oh my goodness, how could it no any light turning on in this particular place?? I am not sure that the lights have been burned out or not functioning..but it's really dangerous for someone who wants to do some cash or cheque transactions there. What if there is a robber or snatch theft?? Anyway, I won't tell which back is this ya..
In the evening, I went to KL to look for the information of my assignment. Then I saw this "little" escalator that only fit for a person!! I think it's only suite in the small plaza whereby less people hanging around at there ler..hehehe..1st time I saw this..Have you taken this escalator before??
After tired of searching for information, then i went to makan at Sg wang in the Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant. I ordered the above dishes-"Stone Grilled Rice in Korean Style". It's a set meal which include drink and soup as well. Cost RM15.90...
Jeng jeng jeng...don't looking at me with your "red" eyes ya!!! I am ready eat lo!! So sorry I cant share with you..wakakakaka...