Happie Chinese New Year 鼠年行大运!!

Posted: 15 February 2008 by Lisa717 in


This is the first post I would to like introduce to u all out there~ Hope u all will leave some comment after view ya^^

Wishing you all always Gorgeous & Healthy & Prosperity throughout this year~!~ Gong Hei Fatt CHoy^~^

Here are some pictures I wanna share with you all during the the CNY'08^^
It's me with the gigantic lion dance head. This was taken at Times Square,Kl.

Ha...here is my pretty cousin~ She is the one taking care of me always!

Hmm...pinky girls~ Left: my sweet mummy; Right: pinky me!!
Don't we look alike??? Gonna miss my mummy as I am not with her all the time~

Watcha...I am still who I am~

My oh my~ my dearest sista n me!! wHat pose is tat?? piggie ar??

The yellow clothes one(Kerrry/hamkali) -my fellow old schoolmate,we used to crazy in high school before..Really miss the days with her..


  1. hihi..lisa..see me hw support u..haha..really post comment to u after see...ur blog ok o..easy understand n many pics to see..haha..can knw more abt ur memories in ur life...try write more la..i wil continue support u de..haha.. ^_^

  1. Anonymous says:

    wah!!wah!!!so nice ur all picture tat u take where u take tat photo n where de place u go.can u find where got nice food n fun place pls let we knw yah

  1. Anonymous says:


  1. lisa says:

    1st of all, wanna thx to all of the ppl who have leave precious comment in this post n oso in the other post.. thx for you supporting ya~

    to Anonymous (25/02/08):
    if i knw any place with nice food sure will let u knw..dun worry ya! at tat time, u gotta spend me de lo..

    to RY:
    kali nw at S'pore working ler..hehehe..she is a hairstylist nw..u wanna chat with her or not??? i gt her msn..let me knw if u wan it ya~

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh...like that la...only miss the day with kerry lar..haih...


  1. Lisa717 says:

    [oh...like that la...only miss the day with kerry lar..haih...


    March 11, 2008 9:25 AM]

    Reply to the above message:
    hello, may i knw ur name?? aiks..i'm nt onli miss the day with kali la..bcz of i showed her pic in the post,so i said i miss the days with her b4 lo.. i oso miss all the days with other fren in high sch de wor..plz dun misunderstood ya~

  1. Anonymous says:

    玲玲 ^^ 嗨...好美哦!!那些图片!!我很喜欢!!尤其是哪个COCA-COLA和你的那个睡觉的样子很可爱哦呵呵

  1. Lisa717 says:

    thx ling ling tat u drop comment to me ooooo^^ hehehe..u r so sweet n nice..take k there n all the best to ur SPM..muaksssssssss

  1. waiyee says:


  1. Lisa717 says:

    wah~~ its waiyee..my dear fren!! thx for ya comment to me oOoo...hehehehe..glad to receive ur comment n ya compliment to my blog..thx so much...hope to get more comments frm u in the coming days~~