Egg tart of Pepsi??

Posted: 26 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

Hey hey all of you out there^^
I have encountered a nice dessert and wanna share with you all!!!

The nice dessert is " Egg Tart"!!
At the 1st time I tried it, I quickly fell in love with it..
It taste awesome & soft!!
It's temptating..Alluring...
If you wanna assure of what I said,
You can get this "Awesome & soft Egg Tart" at Tom King in 1U...
Its located at "old wing".

The above pic shows that how the shop look like..
Don't forget to stop by and have a try on the "awesome" egg tart..
though you not sure whether it tastes good or not..
just have a try and you definitely will like it..
They have sampling for you to try on the spot..
Don't be shy or afraid..I can guarantee you that it is 100% tasty!!!
hahaha...if you not agree with it..then...then..just forget of what I had said ya..

Jeng^^ Jeng^^^ Jeng^^^ Here is how the "egg tart" look like...
DoN't be afraid that why there are different colors..
actually there are various kind of flavors..
The flavors are original flavor, coffee flavor,
white egg(egg without the yellow yolk) flavor, green tea flavor,
teh tarik flavor, durian flavor..i think that's all ler..
The price is between RM1.60-RM2.00..
Quite reasonable as the shop is located at 1U..

Let's welcome..
Soft drink that all of us also familiar with...
yeah~ Pepsi..ask for more babe...!!!
This Pepsi is made in Japan..
You can get this at 100 Yen..cost RM4.90.
Pepsi "can collectors" and those fancy in Japan stuff, you sure won't miss this.
The difference of its outlook and those we used to buy in Malaysia is totally not the same.
The Pepsi we have here is 250ml..but it's 500ml..
& the outlook is taller than the normal can of Pepsi in Malaysia.

P/s: I personally like to eat egg tart a lot, if you know any shop or place that have TASTY egg tart,don't hesitate to let me know ya. I will be very much appreciate of your sharing!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    wow..the egg tart really look tasty oh..feel hungry special.have many sabah only have 1 type..nothing special..if have chance remember bring me to eat ya..hehe ^^ oh ya..the pepsi is that have sell in malaysia? look quite special ar..never seen it b4.. hehe..^^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wah~ finaly Jessie visit my blog ler!~ so happi..I have told 10 ppl visit my blog oni 4 ppl come visit nia..1st of all,thx a lot ya my sweet buddy^^

    yayaya..for sure if u came to kl, i will bring you to taste every taste of the different egg tarts geh..

    In KL..there are chain store named "100 Yen" which sell Japan stuff geh..I am not sure Sbh gt this kind of store or not..The Pepsi I mentioned in my blog is a Japan there is definitely gt sell in Malaysia geh..

    U wan or not?? if you really wan..i can get 1 for u a gift from me to you ler..hehehe..

    Do visit my blog every week ya..
    I will update my blog mostly once a week!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Egg Tart... i like it oso, and i wnt recommend a place to u, tat place at our hometown, location is Batu 3 1/2, the shop is belongs to daifu father, and the egg tart too. Me, Vui and Ah Yen oso feel tasty la, dun knw hw u feel, hehe!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Opps, forget list out my name, I am ahwah, haha

  1. Lisa717 says:

    eh..our hometown oso gt tasty egg tart ar??? aiyer...if i knew it early sure can go n taste it when i was at sdk ler..

    anyway, TQ wah wah of your recommendation o!!! muaksss..
    if gt chance sure will go there geh..n i oso wanna go with u all~!~