FreAky & BuZy week!!

Posted: 24 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

Arrrrrrrr!!!! This week gonna be a "fReaky & buZy" week for me.. Cause there are mid term exams and presentation during this week. Oh my gosh, I really "sienz" with this kind of environment la!!!

Please oh please...Mr.Laziness please get rid of me..I don't want to be a lazy person.. If I keep on like this, I will fail in my studies!!! Dear heavenly father lord, please guide my hand and my mind..strengthen me with your holy the name of our Holy God I pray..Amen..

The buZy schedule for this week:
25/02-Cultural Communication Mid Term
27/02-Crisis Management in PR Presentation
28/02-Advanced PR writing Mid Term
29/02-APRW Brochure Script Assignment


  1. Anonymous says:

    me oso same le...
    got so many assign n presentation n mid term in tis week...
    after tis week will be better liao.
    so jz tahan for tis week..
    jiao you...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hard to "tahan" la!!!
    after tis week..still got another presentation ler..cham cham..feel like hard to breathe liao!!! gao meng !!!!