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On 17/02/2008 >>Sunday<<

In the early sunny morning, on the way to take my breakfast at HingLong in SS2. I saw 2 "lion dance" sat on the road. There were lot of people standing & watched the "lion dance" performance. Me myself also went near to see see lo..I was curious why were the "lion dance" sat on the road??? Then I asked my friends..they said its one of their performances...

The "lion dance" with the head bow down on the road was peeling the "mandarin oranges" as the oranges were hiding under the "lion head". It is because they (the one who perform the "lion dance") are peeling the oranges with their hands. They have to do it that way as it could show that the oranges were peeled by the "lion dance" but not by them!! hahaha..I wish I did not interpret wrong ler...
wah~~ this one more"geng"..u see it climbed so high!! There was only 1 people up there neh!! It climbed so high as to get the "vege with angpau". This so called "cai qing" in mandarin. This act usually is the climate of a normal performance by the lion dance.

So far, I did not know much about the history or even the various performances of the "lion dance". I like to watch "lion dance" performance since I was a kid because the "lion dance" has various kind of colors. I like the Red the most as it portrays the ambient of the Chinese New Year!!

If you all have more knowledge on this, don't hesitate to write comment and share with me ya..so that I could know more about it..


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    yaloz...in sbh i oso din see any "lion dance" la~!~ the ambient of the cny nwadays really not like b4 lo..

    The angpau i gt tis year oso few oni..bt stil okok de..around Rm500~