It's Pei Lee Bday^^

Posted: 24 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

"222" does it seems like a lottery number?? wrong wrong... It represents someone's Bday!!! It's Pei Lee Bday!! Yeah..she is my adorable coursemate!!! She was celebrating her 23rd bday on that day..if I am not mistaken ya!! hehehe..paiseh neh~!~

We've been to "WongKok Char Chan Teng" at SS2 to celebrate with her ler..
& we had lot of fun there as well!!

Here she is - "Leng Lui Pei Lee" what shown on her forehead was "Happi Bday to pretty gal" She definitely look pretty on that day..if she always keep this look (I mean put some make up ya), many guys sure will fall in love with her!!
Here we go..The 7 girls & 1 guy took pic with our pretty classmate~!~
Oh my God...what a big glass!!! Pei lee, u sure can put your head inside it ler..wakakaka..jk jk^^
Can you see clearly of how pretty is our Pei Lee??? Wanna be friend with her??? Leave me a comment ya then I will tell you...kekekeke^~^
Yeah.."yam seng!!!!" Big glass vs. Small glasses!!! oopss...whose head under those glasses?? Not afraid if all the glasses fall on your head???
Hooray~~ Happi Bday to our pretty gal-Pei Lee!!!! hey..2 gals at the back don't throw the glass away ya~!~
arrrrrrrrrrr......What is this guy doing??? Wanna lick our pretty galz?? Oh my God, can you imagine this guy is also can't control of himself as our Pei Lee is so pretty!!!!

After we finished makan at Wong Kok, then we went to Party K Box to continue to have more fun.. We "Sing K" until 1.30 am in the morning!!!! Are we crazy?? No..You are wrong!! This is call fun babe^^ yeah..& I never had much fun than this...Anyway, wishing Pei Lee has a Happi Bday and may your dream come true ya!! I also wanna take this opportunity to thx my coursemates that having fun with me all the nite^^


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    walaueh...really or not??? til 4am ar???? where?? u mean at sdk ??? song ler..nez time find me to sing k with u also la!~ hahaha