on 17/02/08 ^ Part 2^

Posted: 19 February 2008 by Lisa717 in

The Part 2 on the day -17/02/08

Do you know where i s the place that shown in the pic below??It's Sushi King restaurant at Sec 14...can u c~ many nice sushis are queuing up!!
They are yelling n begging on you- pick me!! pick me!! I'm nice to eat!!
This is namely "Fried Prawn sushi"..I like it so so so much!! hmm...can I have 1 more plate please??
Sorrieee to u all there...it's just left 1 only~ hehehe..hope u dun angry ya!!
Come here...let me feed you with the last sushi that I have..ahhhhh~ open your big wide mouth!!

After finished eating at sushi king,then i went to the Jaya 33. I saw something special in the Jaya Grocer. Let's check it out what I had seen there!!

Have you ever seen these kind of "Apple"?? It's Rm14.90 each!!! Could you imagine you can eat how many plate of "zap fan"/"nasi campur" with this amount?? My oh my..I assume only the rich people will buy this kind of "apple" lol.. Am I right?? Japanese "sweet" Mitsu Apple..don't know true or not...hahaha~

Could you figure out what fruit is this??? It's look like pear ler..Bingo!! It's a pear..and it's a "Red" pear!! Look a bit weird rite?? Wish I could taste it~~
Other than that, I found out that there were Sprite soft drinks made in Japan!! It's cost RM3.99!! Not sure the taste same with the sprite we used to buy at M'sia or not ler..Heyhey youyou!!!! Have you drank this "CocaCola Cheery"??? Its made in UK man!! Cost RM5.10!!
and there is "CocaCola Zero" which meant to be "great Coke taste zero sugar" UK product & cost RM5.10!!some more some more..the UK products also have "Diet Coke Caffeine free" I wonder Coke really have caffeine?? I guess so..a lot of people are addicted to drink coke might be of this reason..
More than that, they also has this "Diet Coke with cherry!!" How do it tastes like?? Do you all out there wanna taste it?? If yes, don't hesitate to go to Jaya Grocer and have 1 ya~~

The last thing I like a bout is this special bottle of CocaCola that also sell in Jaya Grocer!! Made in Japan too...whoever has the hobby of collecting Coke thingy, can go there and buy it as well..

That's all for what I had taken along the day of 17/02/08~

Many new things I had encountered in just half of a day...
My advice to all out there is don't just stay at home when you are free,
go out and you may discover something that you are unexpected of!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    haha, the apple really suprise me la, really feel like wnt to taste it, wat the different???

  1. Lisa717 says:

    ello..may i knw who is the one writing the above comment?? nez time please state down ur name ya so tat i can assist u..tq of your support by the way..

    the different of tat apple with the apple v used to eat ar?? i oso dunno wor..cz i din buy tat apple lar..its RM14.90 each?? I m not tat rich to buy le..hehehe..nez time u gt buy tis kind of apple thn u let me knw ya..haha..