Wonderful + Cutie Balloons~~

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Hey my dear friend out there!!! I'm glad that I've free time to write something at here again and I wanna share something special + wonderful to you all^^ Well, today I've been to One Utama (1U) and took some "cutie" pics.. There's an event being held at 1U,it's called "Wonderful World of Balloons"!! Does it sounds cool + cute?? I'm grateful I've the chance to take those"cutie"pics as these sort of event is only held once. p/s: This event gonna held from Mar 12-Mar 24!! Who wanna go there..hurry up b4 its too late..^^

Let's check it out what I've taken to share with u all~!~Have you ever seen these sorts of decoration??
All are about balloons, babe!!
For me, it's "marvelous"!! Thx to God who has given the talent
to the peoplewho made this wonderful decoration
with the 1 and only-Balloons!!
[There's also string la..I guess so,
cz they've to use string to tie the balloons rite??
But the main thing here is Balloon!!]

This pic was taken from the 2nd floor as
the event is being held at Ground floor..
Can you see the the balloons hanging there?? So cute ler..
Don't you hope you could have this at your home??
hehe...yaya, I do hope so^~^

The 2 pics above is about "flowers" shape of balloons..
Do you like it??
Hop..Hop.. and hop..what's tat?? hehehe..It's rabbit la!!!
Rabbit do hops but not walk rite??
This is the Chicky Chick!! hehe...can u see it's just pop out
from the egg!! cute man~!~
OoOoo...what's tat?? Octopus or elephant?? aiks...
it's elephant la..can't you see the long trunk??

Hehehe..I am really happy that I've that chance to take with
the CuTie + WonDerful balloons!!

That's all for what I gonna share today..I am not sure when this event will end.. Maybe some of you think that why do I like to take these sorts of pics.. My reason is I'm easily excited of something that really catch my eyes that I never seen before, sounds childish is it?? Hahaha..it's ok~ I admit that!I am always being childish..But it's hard for me to change cz I am born to be like that??[I do guess so..]
Anyway, hope you all enjoy watching at those pics..

Balloons..Balloons are everywhere!!

^Wonderful World of Balloons^


  1. Anonymous says:

    the baloon really nice...make ppl feel the happiness of childhood..hahaa..really creative n beautiful....everythg became challenges...rarely can spend more time to admire those thg clearly surrounding us..TQ so much lisa..coz frm ur blog can explore more eonderful thg..hahaa..remember to update more SPECIAL thg ah...kekee.


  1. Lisa717 says:

    hehehe..i m glad of wat u said~ yea..the balloons will automatically make us happy whenever we see it..

    If i've taken extraordinary and special thing sure will share with u all here..i wont keep it for my self geh^^

    thx for ur support wor..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha, ur blog really many special and wonderful thg, i really wnt to c whn u will no idea to find any special pic or thg again, haha, am i bad ar? And... the designet or this baloon is local? So beauty, but if destroy all the baloons in one time muz so nice, hahaha

    From: Ah Wah

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wahwah^^ when u turn to be tat notty ar?? bully ur ah jie!! u wan me beat beat u is it?? hehehe..act i knw u are joking with me la..blek~ u stil bad bad la!! hehe..I m nt sure whether the designer of the balloons local or not wor..if yes, mayb oso geh!! yawor..i oso wanna knw wat will happen if the balloons being destroyed in one time lo..u go there n destroy it la..then tell me wat wil happen nez..haha!!