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Posted: 19 March 2008 by Lisa717 in

I'm sure that many of you out there have watched CJ7 right?? Tell you what, the cute character in the movie-7 zai is coming to town!! Not santa claus ya~ hahaha..what I mean is the 7 zai's soft toys are in the market now!! I bet many of you know or might not know about this..

7 zai is a famous character nowadays after the movie-CJ7 released in the cinema!! It is so- called a super dog from other planet^^ does it sound cool?? It can't speak bt it has a superb power whereby it can turn a rotten apple to a fresh apple. Moreover, in the climax of the movie is when 7 zai use all its power to rescue the main character-Xing Ye.

Anyway, I wanna show some pics about the 7 zai's soft toys, key chain & other accessories..
This is where I saw at one of the gift shop in 1 Utama..It costs RM19.90 (if I am not mistaken ya~) & this is what I've seen in the M'sia market so far, I am not sure it's original.. Oh ya, in SS2's pasar malam also started to sell 7 zai!! If you all wanna have a look at it b4 buy can go there see see ya^^ Hmm...what do you think from the 2 pics above?? Do u think it's original? I am not really sure abt tat..No matter its "Ori" or not, the 1st pic that 7 zai is hugging by a little gal look nice to hug right?? I wish to have 1 too!!

Ooppss^^ what's in the box?? Obviously, its 7 zai in it lo!! XOXO..yupe, this is an "Ori" 7 zai with copyright yo..don't play play ha~ It's originally from Shanghai,China!! It costs 51yuan =RM25++ ( Am I right?)

Here's how the Original with copyright 7 zai looks rite.. Do there has any difference from the other 3 pics that showed above?? Does this 7 zai has more quality than the other 3? For me, it's totally has more quality!! Can you see the fur/hair is softer than the other 3 .. Do you think so??

The above pic shows the "Ori" 7 zai's height is 21.5 cm & length is 11.5cm!! Wanna get more info.of it? Please go to

4 of the above pics are the 7 zai's key chains~ Don't they cute enough to hang on your key or wherever else?? I like their 3rd key chain..its a pose shows 7 zai has martial art to fight with the real dog. Unfortunately, it only imagination!! hahaha..

This is another version of 7 zai when he has no power storage in its body.. Costs 25 yuanEhhhh..why there is pink color 1?? is it 7 zai's girlfriend?? hehehe..looks adorable~Costs 8 yuan each.

Do you know what is this?? It's a cushion..Don't you wanna sit on it? hehe..Costs 186 yuan.

Hmm..here comes the 2nd last pic, I bet you all know abt it..It's a pillow!! Mummy, can I have this?? Feel warm when holding it..Costs 98 yuan.

Finally the last pic I wanna show, can you figure it out what's that? A pillow? A soft toy? No no no...all wrong~ It's a pillow massager!! haha..sounds cool right?? Wish to use it when I'm feeling tired..haha (don't keep dreaming la..Lisa) It costs 28.50 yuan.

All of the pics above except the 1st pic are taken from http://auction1.taobao.com
After watching at those pics.. Don't you wanna buy of one them??
hehehe..I'm glad to share this cute 7 zai with you all..
If I really have one, I will the post the pic here again..haha..adios^^


  1. ching says:

    wei.. tat cartoon really cute le..
    if have chance i also wan buy le..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    u really wanna buy or not..i have fren wana go HK nez month..so i asked him help me check gt the Ori 7 zai or not..hehe..if gt then i ask u wheter u wanna buy or not ya!! muakcs~~

  1. Raina Du says:

    Are you still selling these?