Tired neh^^

Posted: 17 March 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , ,

Nowadays, we are easily feeling exhausted/tired from our studies, careers, outdoor/indoor activities and etc. Me and my course mates also feel the same since the past few weeks and the coming few weeks.. There are tons of assignments, presentations, meetings that are non-stoply waving their hands upon us. After finished an assignment, we have to prepare for the upcoming assignment immediately.. Can you realise how tired are we?? How busy are we??

The below pics are showing the ultimate tiredness during an activity goin on^^ Have you ever tired until u sleep on the desk? [I guess not, cz the desk does not fit us to sleep on it, unless you are a baby!! hehehe.]

Or else you fall asleep when you are playing?? Hmm..this kid really that sleepy + tired ar??

Or you fall asleep when you are eating?? [Tell you all a secret, I really slept when I was eating in my house..that time my dad was really angry at me cz how come I could sleep during eating.]

This one more chunz/geng/mou tak deng!! Sleep whereby the head is in the shoe..Oh gosh, how could this be??

Hmm..and the last one is the common one ler..whereby many of us will be like that..tired until sleep in front of the laptop/PC..I m one of them too!! haha..

No matter how tired or how busy we are..take it easy ya..This is just a process for us in our growth cycle..God knows the circumstances we are in, he wants to test our patient and our strength as well..So, please don't give up so easily when you feel extremely tired during ur studies or work ya!! All the best to my fellow course mates and friends wherever you are studying or working!! Good day^^


  1. ching says:

    hi.. my frenz..
    first time i post my comment to u..
    yalo.. nowadays most of us feel very very tired!!everyday not enough sleep..
    i will add ur blog website to my blog.. so glade to hear u have a blog. i will visit it when i free..
    take care ya...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    heyhey!!! thx for ur support neh~!~
    glad to see u leave comment to me u!! are u koo sue ching??[soli,if i spelled wrong] are u ah ching from T2?? U've a blog is it?? may i knw ur blog url?? so tat i can go n support as well??

    hehehe..u too take k o..i gonna siao for the assignments tat we have rite nw..dunno wat the lecturer wants..
    all the best to u ya^^ muaksssss...

  1. Anonymous says:

    .......this title absolutely suitable to us. But b4 sleep, plz switch off all of ur electricity 1st, coz if will causes u more tired! The baby whc slp inside a shoe tat so gao xiu lo, haha, i like it

  1. Anonymous says:

    Comment above is from me, Ah Wah

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wahwah^^ u so knowledgeable wor..u seems know a lot of things neh!! hehe..okok..i got ur advice!! thx wor..haha..yaya, the bb sleep in the shoe totally gao xiu!! cute some more!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya... Recently, felt like living in the hell. Everything chase after us! Then one "devil" lecturer appeal... Stress... Live just not going as smooth as we thought... Sometimes want to ask THE GOD, "May I rise my white flag? So that I can live in a peaceful life!"

    Anyway, all the best for us ler~ Gal! Support u all the way.


  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear stupiak~

    i guess ur nick name nt tis wor, shud be "nen nen pot" rite?? u forgot adi?? haha..ya~ life in the U rite nw is nt going as smoothly as we think!! some more with the "scary monster"..always wan us to the "follower"..wat does the monster think?? though tis is a "totalitarian" era meh?? hey, think twice la..n open the eyes la..wat era are we living rite nw??

    don't talk tat monster adi.."nen nen pot" thx for leaving ur precious comment here wor!! kekeke..u too gambathe neh!! seeu n miss ya^~^