My Mickey Mp3^.^

Posted: 22 March 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

I am really glad that I have my own Mickey Mp3^~^
I've waited for so long to get it...
Eventually, I got it and I can bring it wherever I go!!
I've got the Black color 1 ler...
bt I also wanna get the "Gold" color which is a limited edition.
Actually, I wanna get all of the colors..
haha..does it sound "crazy" + "ridiculous"??
I do think so^^ I think not only I'd this thinking la..
sure many galz out there also had thought like this b4^^

nah nah nah~~ here is baby Mickey Mp3!! it so so so much!!

Hehe..why do I have the pink 1?? Is it mine too??
No no's nt belongs to my coursemates-dini!!
Glad that my baby Mickey mp3 can take pic with her pinky Micky mp3!!
Now, they become "good friend" already!!

Actually the icons in the above pic can move this bloghost-blogger cant support gif.file so u can't see the beautiful effect in the pic..too bad@.@

Good Day to all of you^^ "Long Live Mickey"!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it... But no money get it. Why don't let us see the gold colour de? I wan to see see ler!

    Nen Nen Pot

  1. Lisa717 says:

    haha^^ don't jealous la~ u oso gt sth precious rite nw ler..i really hope to have it u wat's tat?? ur sony digital camera ler~

    the gold color 1 ar?? i din save the pic if u really wanna see..u can go to search at google geh!! wahahaha..thx for supporting dear nen nen pot!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So cute ar, ( i mean nt u, is the mickey) haha, feel like wnt get one for myself, haha, but haiz, dun hv the "Random Track" function ler, sayang sayang

    From: AhWah

  1. dOnAsKy says:

    so nice the mp3..
    the cost must not cheap rite..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wah wah~ so bad bad ar..said that i m not cute..hehehe..i oso admit tat i m not cute de la..

    yalolz, it doesn't has the random track function de..anyway, its a cute+stylish mp3 ler..many mickey fans oso like it geh^^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear donasky^^ this mickey mp3 not so expensive from wat i think la cz its a mickey trademark mp3..the manufacturer nid to buy the trademark from Disney b4 they produce the mp3 geh..u oso know ler..the trademark is not easy to get n not cheap..

    i bought this mickey mp3 is not from the original manufacturer at Korea geh which is called iRiver..well,the mickey mp3 i bought is from HK manufacturer which more cheaper ler..

  1. lim says:

    lisa ,lisa,can u tell me,where are you bought of this mickey mp3 ?can tell me...plsss =( i would like to buy for my gf,thz

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heello ! ,, my name is sophie ,, i'm french , lol

    My blog :

    i like the mp3 mickey :p

    je le veux pour noel ! ( i don't know in english )


    My Msn :) :

    i'm 13 and you ?