SoMe of my CourSemates^^

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Today, I wanna introduce some of CouRsemates to you all.. all of them are taking the same course with me-Mass PR..though we are from different states, differ in ages & appearances but we still can get along very well...All of us have different attitudes, behaviors, talents...we respect each an other but not discriminate them.. Frenz are the one who you can depend or rely on.. so appreciate your frenz around you ya.. DON'T treat them badly but LOVE them with your sincere heart!!

In the below pics, I could only show some of my I only have their pic with me right now.. If I've other coursemates' pic in the future..I will post again rite here.. comes the "sleeping kaki 1"...
who is she??'s me la~
oOoopsss, have I spoiled my image??
I do think so..but at that moment, I really tired..
so sorry to the speaker,lecturers n frenz..
Anyway, 1st time I slept till like(as shown in the pic)..
Hey, all of the ppl out there(esp.children) dun follow as wat I did ya..
Anyway, there is also "sleeping kaki 2"..
hahaha..his name is "TH"!!
sorry TH to upload this pic..hope u dun mind..
"TH" is a nice guy,he always helps his friend..
& fetches his friend to school too,
He is a sincere friend indeed..
& who wanna be friend with him,
leave your comment & I will ur message to him~
epsss..epsss..yeah..yeah..wanna introduce to u all..
here's the "Hip-Hop kaki" Frm left: Terene & Aaron!!
Terene has her own unique style & attitude..
& wat I admire about her is her "Fair skin" gosh, she is really fair!!
Meanwhile, Aaron likes to joke & hip-hop around..
all of us always ask him"why don't you study Broadcasting?"..
cz he really good in hosting(like the hosters in Hitz.FM)..
yeah~and he is a good singer too..this is what I think la..
hey aaron, happy or not??
Nah..let me propose to u the "Baby girl" in our class..her name is Karen!!
(Karen,hope u don't angry at me..this pic nt ugly at all..)
Don't think she is small in size & can't do "big" things...
If u have this mindset, then U r wrong!!
She can park her car very well,even the parking is quite narrow..
she still mange to park it very "sui"..
She is also talented in drawing & designing (no wonder she is a publicity leader)..
She borns to be "cute"..not pretend at all..this is what I admire abt her..

In our class, we have "Dancing Girl" too.. Her name is "Cat"...
I like to call her "miaw miaw cat"..haha, I am not teasing at her la..
She likes to dance & sing a lot.. Not only that, she can dance & sing very well..
Hope she can be a artist in the future!
Anyway, she has lot of imagination..
when you talk with her..she is so passionate & talk non-stoply..
This shows she is friendly enough,man!!

I have introduce the "sleeping kakis", the "Hip-hop kaki",
the "Baby Girl", the "Dancing Girl"...
lastly, I wanna introduce to you all..
my study partner-"Little Principle"..
Her name is "Nancy".. Y do I call her "little principle"
cz she has her partnership tuition centre &
most importantly-she is a Tutor cum Student!
she cares of me a lot & teaches me a lot of things too..
I hope she will succeed in her career..

This is the last year of our Uni life.. & this year might be the last year to meet my dear coursemates everyday.. I will appreciate the time we had spend along this year.. I will miss you guys..Muackssss...Love you guys (not only the frenz as shown in above but also the rest of my coursemates in Uni.)..


  1. Anonymous says:

    u oso din introduce me....wanna cry adi...hahaha...nola, i know usure will remember me de.

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hahaha...may i knw hu are u?? so sorry tat i din post your pic here..dun worry, i promise i will post ur pic in the future once i gt ur pic ya..yupe, i will remember u always..

  1. Anonymous says:

    girl..good job!got eyes catching oso,but,,,,a bit pilih kasih lo..coz not only them are special wat...angeline oso special ma..:p paiseh paiseh..,actually everyone oso special juz depend when we can realise how special they are...expect next surprise frm ur blog~Gambateh!


  1. Lisa717 says:

    aiyoh...i din said only they are my special fren ler..i said they are some of special fren la..hehe..dun worry ar..i will post the pic of u all at here geh..haha..see ya^^

  1. Anonymous says:

    yenting here
    luckily u dun have my pic =.='''
    nice oh the sleeping pic i took for you
    say thank you for me la
    good luck ya
    i like to have fun with u

  1. Lisa717 says:

    my dear yenting!! i juz saw u post ur comment here neh~!~ paiseh neh..hehehe..late to reply ur msg..

    oh ya~ thx U so much la of taking those pretty n chunz pic!! haha..y u dun wan me post ur pic here in the future wor?? u r pretty better let me post ur pic here n show to others ya!! hehee..i oso like to hav fun with u geh..muackssss^^