Never Give up!

Posted: 26 March 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , , , ,

Have you ever thought of giving up on sth as you face any difficulty in your life? Well, I really do have thought of it before.. This happened when I was feeling stressed + frustrated on my studies.. Why did I want to give up?? My excuse were couldn't cope up with tons of assignments and couldn't handle some problems between me and my friends.

I am not a "crying babe" as I will not let myself cry so easily or cry in front of people. However, my tears dropped eventually when I were in my room. Don't know why I couldn't control emotion at that time, my tears dropped so suddenly. At that time, I really want to give up my studies and also my life.. Is it worth if I really do so?

I did share my sorrows to some of friends and some of them had given me precious advice. I wanna thank them that I did not give up everything in my life. I also wanna thank to 1 of my Christian's friend who had told me that- "Our lives are full of challenges and obstacles, God is testing our patient and ability in handling our problems. Overcome the challenge in our lives is a must in the Growth Cycle." We have to experience the obstacles in our lives in order to be a mature and wise person. Every successful man/woman do experience it before. So, we have to stand firm and tough to overcome whatever challenges that we may face in our lives.

I realize that Give up = Run away from the problem. I assume that we used to run away from the problem we face in our lives as we do not want to work hard to overcome it. I admit that I am that kind of person, that's why I want to give up. After think twice and also absorb the precious advice from my dearest friends, I will keep on remind myself of not simply give up and never give up! I will try my best to overcome the problem/obstacle/ challenge in my life!

I do hope all of you out there don't simply say that you want to give up on something or anything. Take the challenge and overcome it with your whole hearted instead of giving up ya..


  1. Jo3y says:

    Dear Lisa, Thanks for didn't give up. I'm learning something from your blog. A lots of unhappy stupid things was happening to me. From your here, I can feel that I'm supporting by someone. Thank you, lisa.

  1. Lisa717 says:

    glad to hear tat u learn sth in my blog neh^^ seems i had helped u alot..haha..tats personal thinking ya^^ do u mind tell me hu r supporting u ler?? anyway, wish u all the best in watever u do k?? dun make ur loves one sad sad bcz of the silly action~