Resurrection of Jesus Christ-Easter Day!!

Posted: 22 March 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , , , ,

Tomorrow 23 Mar 08 is the day of the "Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion on Good Friday at Calvary". Christians will celebrate Easter Day in the remembrance of Jesus Christ who has risen from his crucifixion. It is the day of new life and new hope. This remembrance day called "Easter Day"!!

Many of us will ask why there is egg related to Easter Day? And during Eater Day celebration, you can see eggs are everywhere..What do eggs symbolise to??

It is the influence of the traditional spring rites that made Easter so egg-special. And myths coming down to us from an incredibly distant past have shown man's relationship with the egg to be very deep seated one. This is caught in old Latin proverb: Omne vivum ex ovo. This means "all life comes from an egg". (

You can see the eggs below are being decorated and modified into different colors and types~

This is the ordinary color^^

Hmm..this 1 look classic and antique as well^^

Wow..this is cool!! There are glasses in egg shape whereby there is beautiful picture on it!!

haha..this 1 u all sure know about it rite?? Bingo~ It's chocolate in egg shape~ Do u know where can we buy this??

This looks creative whereby the eggs are placed in a "real" egg tray!! haha..the eggs actually are chocolates!! If I really had it, sure I will keep it in a nice place and won't eat it!!

No matter you are celebrating Easter with your family, peers, colleagues or alone^^ Do cheer and praise for our mighty God, Jesus Christ for He has born again 2,000 years ago!! If you have any sorrow or problem do pray to God ya..He will listen to you and He will make a way for you!!