The very 1st school that I've been to..

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Crappy Wrappy:
Hello everybody!! how are you guys?? I've been MIA for 2 days cz it's working days=weekdays~ Monday is the busiest day of the week & I'm sure go to bed once I reach home. Tuesday kinda busy too so I don't have the energy to stay in front of the PC too long..hahaha..sounds that my body very weak eh!! Today, I have good news & bad news~ Good news is I got my 1st full payment after worked for a month in my existing company!! Yeah...I got it eventually!! Bad news is I'm not really feeling well today cz stomach pain pain..u know..most ladies will face this pain every month. I hope I will feel better 2mr cz I could not stand the pain which is quite suffer to me. Dear all, do pray for me so that I will get well soon ya^^ Love you guys so much :)

I m gonna blog on couple of pics
where I took few months during my vacation in Sabah.

I've taken few shot on my the 1st school
that I've gone to since I was born^^

Nursery?? Kindergarden??
Well, I never been to nursery but yes to Kindergarden.
I have enrolled to Kindergardern in the year of 1992.
It took me 2 years to finish my pre-education^^

I still remembered those days my dad
fetched me to school
& I could declare to y'all
that I was the super duper blessed+happie kid

as most of my classmates took school bus to school~

Every time my dad fetched me back home,
he sure bought lotsa food for me as
I could eat it on the way in the car
& not forget
a cutie toy for me as a reward and encouragement

that I should study hard in my studies^^

. tears just could not stop dropping
as everytime I recall back the
happie moments that I had with my dad!

He was my greatest daddy that I have ever had
who I miss all the time..


let's take a look at the pics below..
I did not take much cz the guard not allow me to go in,
so I could oni take from outside~

Yeap Yeap Yeap~
This was the kindergarden that I've gone to-
Tadika Cheng Min/ Cheng Min Kindergarden^^
During my time, the wall and the gate was not as colorful
as what I saw the other day..


Here it goes..
The "swing swing"!!
Too bad that it has broken down.
I remembered that we have to queued up
during the recreation time that we have twice a week~


the "slide slide"^^
I love this so much as I always
stood in front when the teacher asked us to queue up.
hahahhaa..feel that I quite naughty during that time lo..


that's all for today..
I will post on my primary school next.
Stay tune ya^^

Goodnight everyone..
Gotta sleep adi!!!
Sweet dream to y'all~


  1. I love this kind of stories :) Memorial indeed.

    Come'on sister, daddy is so proud of you, he is there having great time with our Father in heaven. :) Worry not, we have the peace that he is safe.

  1. Anonymous says:

    memories huh...
    i miss schooling days now.. lol =)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear bro Mike,

    Thanks my dear who always calm me down and the sweet concern to me! I appreciate it a lot. I know I shud not worry or sad too anyhow i just could not stop myself frm thinking..God bless you my dear bro, I hav lot of things to learn frm you..

    Dear Kenwooi,
    yea yea~ me too..miss those days to go school with backpack n oso the food in the tupperware..hehehehe

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    haha... hey.. i juz notice you dropped a comment on my blog while i'm typing this comment on your blog!! lol.. what a big coincidence!! lol

    oh yea.. i miss the friends in my primary school and tadika too!! hahaha...

    by the way.. the way you took the pictures of your tadika.. a bit scary lor.. like stalkers wanna kidnap children like tat (becoz got one photo you took together with the pagar... lol)

  1. Anonymous says:

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