No update at this moment..

Posted: 02 May 2009 by Lisa717 in

Dear all,

  • I would like to apologize that I can't update my blog at this moment.
  • I have to rush to make 2 handmade Mother's day cards for my beloved mum and aunt.
  • Btw, I need to make a lil' photo album for Aenie Wong as well.
  • I need to send out the Mother's day card before next Wednesday.
  • Somehow, I need to present the lil' photo album to Aenie next Saturday.
  • I will share with you guys the cards and photo album that I make when I'm done ya.
  • Take care everyone & do enjoy your weekends!!

Muakssssssssssss :)



  1. BooNMiNG says:

    haha.. Mother's Day so close lar!! But I still don't know what to do ler... hahaha

  1. Family is always important than blogging :) Will wait for u k sister

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha all the best! =D