Beware of CONNING SMS!!

Posted: 23 April 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

Crappy Wrappy:
Today is Apr 23 which represents one month after I started the new chapter of my life. Yeap, it's eventually one month that I have worked in my existing company. Frankly speaking, I have gained much knowledge which I never learn during my Uni. Anyhow, I have not really acknowledged all of them yet as I am a slow learner and I need to take lotsa time to learn. Hopefully, my reporting officer-Mr.J & my senior-Mr.V are passionate enough in continuing to guide me through till I can handle all of the tasks by my own. Wishing me all the best continue to pray to me..muaksss..:)


What a BIG yellowish signal??

Hold on guys,
Let me explain k??

I would like to warn
and pass this important message to y'all!!

Yesterday 22nd Apr 2009 at 5.38pm,
I received a sms from an unknown number.
I would like to apologise that I do not have a camera
to capture the contents on the sms.

I will state down the content in the following:
Please read carefully~

Sender: +6014 9561210
Contents: No' Sim card anda
t'lah terpilih untuk memenangi
wang RM ( 20,000.00 )
dari POWER ROOT Sdn.bhd,
Sila dail: 012-8184214 TerimaKasih.


Gosh, I was shocked when I saw this sms!!!

I was not that dumb to believe on this sort of sms

and thought that my sim card is chosen to
win RM 20,000.00!

This was not the 1st time I received this kind of conning sms.

Due to my curiousitiness,
I called Power Root Sdn Bhd and pretend to
ask whether they organise this kind of contest.


They replied me that not to fall to this
conning sms and ignore it!

They had reported this conning sms to the police 2 times
but there's no any result from the police's investigation.
(Hmm..I'm suspecting on the effectiveness
and capabilities of the M'sia police.)


the important message that
I would like to bring out today,

do not ever and ever fall to such
conning sms with unknown phone no.

There are lot of have ppl have been
conned on this kind of sms,


Please don't let this happen to you or your love ones~

Do pass this message around!!
Stay Alert & Beware!!


  1. leo7_lion says:

    Agree, we need to watch out for this kind of msg. Important thing is 'dont be greedy' =)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    yeap yeap~~
    Greedy is one of the DEVIL's act that we shall prevent of!!

  1. BooNMiNG says:

    watch out anywhere... i mean these scams can appear out of anywhere!!!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Bro Boonming~
    Agreed with u!!

  1. WOW!
    Last time I get a sms too.
    Saying they are from Astro and bla bla bla almost the same as yours dear!

    Then horr.. I called too to ask.
    and then I was asking that, my house don't have astro how I win this stupid thing ah? So, they answer me almost the same as yours again. "don't fall to this.. bla bla"

    My God..
    Hey dear.. Careful with incomming calls as well.

    Now they are calling to homes or handphones saying that
    "Mummy... I've been kidnaped"
    So, ask your mum to beware ahh..
    Do tell your mum always where you go.

    Company as well.
    They knew what business you are in so they called and ...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Chloe~
    Thanks so much on the useful info to prevent ourself from get conned ler~~
    Thanks for sharing my are really kind enough!! muaksssssssss

  1. TH@i says:

    Must be careful!

    I also posted it in my blog to give a warning to public~

    ~first time visiting~