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Posted: 24 April 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Crappy Wrappy:
I got rumors from my colleagues that we wont get our pay cheque by today eh!! Damn..How could this happen?? Sob..sob..Gotta wait till nez MOnday ler..Since today (24 Apr) is considered too early to make payment to the staffs~ I understood about this..sigh~


Dear All,
I got a superb joke to share today!!
I got this joke from a friend of mine
who sent to my mailbox.



The Joke titled:
~The Story of Ah Singh~
I'm sure Malaysians+Cantonese speaking
fully understand+laugh
till the MAX!!!



A Singh who is a Sailor?
>>Karpal Singh<<

A Singh who attends a Chinese wedding party?
>>Yam Singh<<

A Singh who is digging a hole?
>>Menggali Singh<<

A Singh who likes to slap ppl?
>>Tau Ba Singh<<

A Singh who is a gangster?

A Singh who is lost?

A Singh who is noisy?

A Singh who likes herbs?
>> GinSingh<<

A Singh who kills ppl?

A Singh with one ball?
>>BalwantSingh (Ball One Singh)<<

A Singh with two balls?
>>BalanSingh (As in Balancing)<<

A Singh with three balls?

A Singh who is swiming in an iced pool?
>>KuldipSingh (Cold Deep Singh)<<

A Singh who likes to drink soya bean?

A Singh who owns a ship but sink?
No la, Not Titanic Singh but
>> KaramSingh<<

A Singh who was sacked from a national hockey team?

A Singh who is lausySingh?

A Singh who likes roundabout?

A Singh who is flying around on a broom?
>>Sou Pah Singh<<

A Singh who is three-star general?
>>Sam Lap Singh<<

If the Sikhs were to succeed in forming their own country.
What will they call their currency?
>>Mata Wang Ah Singh<<

Then, what do u a Singh who likes to scold ppl?
>>Tiew Nia Singh<<


Pass this joke around lol~
For sure this will makes ppl "Relax Singh"

this joke made me laugh til death leh!!!

Hope you guys enjoy on this superb funny joke!!

GoodbyeSingh to all of you^^


  1. so funny.. hahaha... but i cant understand other =.= , but the samsingh is the most funniest. hehe

  1. renaye says:

    ooh.. if the payday falls on sat or public holiday... u would only get the next working day.

  1. Haha sister, this is good although I read it before. Life is short, why so serious right.

    Off topic : Hmm, I am greater each day haha. sister, you work at which office?

  1. Adry says:

    hahahaha... very funny!! love it!!

    Adry @

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Khairul,
    Thanks for the comment^^

    Dear Renaye,
    hmm..i oso duno how is the company system goes..nvm nvm..i m goin to have my paycheque soon~

    Dear Mike,
    I work in ChartNexus, a stock market training company which educate the traders on how to trade the market by using our software^^

    Dear Adry,
    Thanks for peeping at my blog~ will visit u for sure^^

  1. Dear Lisa,

    I am pusing pusing now! lol! haha thanks for sharing such a nice joke!