A song that reminds me of...

Posted: 30 September 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels:

Currently, I kept on and on and on listening to a song that really soothes my heart and my mind. Furthermore, the lyric of this song did make me recall back the memory that when I started to have the feeling of crushed on one of my buddies.

I've forgotten since when I've lost the feeling of crush on someone. I realise that it is hardly to have such feeling as I grew older day by day..(ooppss..the way I talk seems I'm goin to die..aiks..*touchwood x 100times*)

I also dunno what's the reasons.. Mayb I wanna concerntrate on my studies?? Mayb I wanna concerntrate on earning more $$?? I used to think that teenagers easily to crush on someone & it happened to me way back to my high sch years..

Hmm..let me count how many boys I've crushed on..If I've not forgotten, I've crushed on not more than 5 boys..I did crush on a guy for more than 3 years..though it's not counted a long time but I missing it so much..(Lisa is *day dreaming* on her previous crushed!!)

Alrite, gotta stop crapping~~I don't want to reveal much on my so-called privacy..*grin*.. Well, the song that I mentioned is Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat. I'm sure many of you did listen to this song before. Anyway, I'm just lovin it!!

I would like to dedicate the song below with lyric to all of my readers!! Do sing along the song while listening to it ya^^

You may share your previous crushed or your present crush with me here..

I would love to be your loyal listener~~

Take care every1 & Happie Holiday^^


  1. joanne says:

    I never heard this song b4 ooo...
    u digged it from which "lubang" oo?
    haha...however the song quite nice lol..got harmony feel o...lyric oso quite touching o

    When sometimes I look back to the passed , i felt that some of my memory had been disappear without reason...it might b'coz I juz 1 2 kept the sweet memory gua...

    Let us recall back our sweet & young memories.
    May these memory accompany us till the end.....^-*

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hahahaha~~ my dear mummy..i din dig it frm anywhere la..i knew tis song quite some time adi..i search on9 1..yupe..yupe..i like this song veli much bcz of the feeling tat this song presented~~

    it did sooth my mind n my heart as well..

    hahaha~~ yupe..wish all of the sweet memories from past do accompany u til the end too..