Excuse me~

Posted: 11 September 2008 by Lisa717 in

Dear all,

The author of this blog-Miss Lisa is fallen into sick..
Not only that she was also depressed as
she could not do well in her final exam
and the coursework mark she got in her assignments
were very low..
(OMG, can you look at her "weak" face!!
The "black eye circles" are very overt too..)

Btw, she does not only has severe sore throat,
but also feel dizzy, headache & extremely tired!!
Please excuse her from not updating any new post
or replying the tags who left in the shoutbox..
she would like to thank to all of the reader of this blog
esp.the nuffies to nang her previous post at innit as
it had turned to the top 10 popular post last nite!!
Do click the pic for larger view ya^^

This is her 1st and best achievement to
be the top 10 popular post last nite!!
the no. of her unique visitors last nite were amazing
as she has never got so much unique visitors before!!
Miss Lisa would like to go to bed now.
She will reply to the tags when she feeling better..
She would like to wish all of her readers
Good Day
& God bless^^


  1. ching says:

    hi my dear lisa...
    long time din log in ur blog.. busy wit exam lo...

    congratulation oh.... one day u will become famous lo...

    ur eye not bad ma.. very pretty ma... nice looking ma. haha~ dun worry,,, exam will over soon...

  1. cazzycazz says:

    My dear,

    You get well soon ya!! Been working too hard and studied too lil & blogging to much?? Hehehe, very bad hor me pulling ur legs.....

    U take care, rest enough, take medi, and sleep sleep sleep & sleep!!

    Congrats on ur great achievement and keep it up ya!!! Hugz.....

  1. Arrowouiz says:

    Take care to yourself alright ? Take more rest ...

  1. God bless you too!Wish you done well in your exam and recovery from sick!

  1. agnes says:

    Gosh~ I also fall sick yesterday...
    Stress... Headache... Stoamach pain... everything come to me!

    Damn final exam! I can felt the final exam like the devil hunting me all day long! Can't sleep, eat, play and even go to bathroom also damn worry!

    Last paper lol! Hope I can avoid seating for supp and remain with current exam result! I do sincere pray to God a lot de~ :>

    Lisa, better rest more~ like chinese said "休息只为了走更远的路!" Translate to english is "rest to make yourself go further!" Hope you do understand it~ We still got one sem to go la~

    May God always bless us~ Gambateh!

  1. Jo3y says:

    Dear Lisa, please take a good care ya... Love you. Good Luck in exam. =)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [dear all my beloved frenz]
    thanks ya all of the sweet n precious concern!! finally i have recoverd frm my sick n sadness as well! hopefully i could b more tougher in overcoming those obstacles that struck me^^ thanks to bunch of lovable fren like ya all..
    do take k always..n i will always miss you all!! *hugz* n muaksssss^^