An Unforgettable 21st B'day^^

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Happie B'day to me~
Happie B'day to me~
Happie B'day to Princess Lisa~
Happie B'day to me^^
Hey hey yoh yoh..
Today is my b'day,
I'm superb happie cz
my frenz gv me lot of surprise!!
They not only sang B'day song to me in the class,
they also gv me a lot of unexpected presents!!
Love them so so so so much^^
Thx for coming to my B'day party on last 11/7 once again,
Thx God that I've frenz like you all
who love & care for me so so so much~~
My tears almost drop as I got a lot of surprise from you all,
esp from Ms. S & from my dearest course mates!!
It would be my Unforgettable B'day that I ever had,
I'm proud to be 21 year old,
I'm glad that I've you guys are my dearest friends!!
In this post,
Wanna share the pics I took at my B'day party with my dearest friends^^
Whoa..are they the Miss World Contestants?? hehe..
From left: YenTing, Tracy, Jing, Me, ShiaoHong, Yenn & Deannie
From left: Sayling, HsiaoGee, Me, EngC, Mei & Andrew~
Though we are not from my tutorial class,
but they do my dearest couse mates!!
.From left: WaiTheng, Karen, Me, Peilee, Choon Kit, EngC & Sayling
Yupe, they are also not from the same tutorial class with me..
Glad that they come to my 21st B'day Party^^
From left: HsiaoHong, AhLut, Me, Cat, Tracy & Deannie
Only Cat & Deanie are same tutorial class with me,
but we do chit chat crazily when we are free^^
.From Left: HsiaoHong, EngC, Cat, Me, HuoyYing, Joanne & Winnie
Well, we are always chat non-stop in the class..
but not all ya..some of us..esp the 38/kepoh/busy-body 1!! hehe..
From left: Sayling, Ching, Me, Yenn, Jing & YenTing
haha..only Sayling not in the same tutorial but the rest is same with me!!
Yupe, we are the "T2's kakis"!!
(what look that I have in this pic huh?? shy?? wanna go pee??)
.From left: Ching, Mei, Me, Aaron, HsiaoGee & SayLing
Hmm..Why do they smile happily but why I don't?
Anything fussy+ing me??
(hey Aaron, Jagalah badanmu tu..dah "kurus" nak makan banyak lagi?)
.Clockwise from left: Sayling, Me, Chloe, Ah Fun & Angeline
Eh eh, 2 ppl from T2 vs. 3 ppl from T1??
No fighting ya, it's unfair..
(haha..what's joke is tis?? I oso can't understand lol!)
.From left: Jing, YenTing, Me & Yenn
We are from the same tutorial class^^
Glad to hang out with them sometimes..
(Oi, Yenn! How come you forcing me to eat nugget??
Can you see I look like "stupiak" in this pic??)
. From left: Ching, Tracy, Me & AhLut
Bad bad AhLut laugh at me & asked why I always
pose in such way during photo taking wor...
(I think she envy at me cz I "pretty" than her..haha..*perasaan*)
.From left: HsiaoHong, EngC, Me & HuoyYing
Glad to take pic with the "Pinkie Gals"..
haha..feel like I'm at the "Stylish+Trendy Car" exhibition
cz they just look like those pretty+sexy galz..
From left: Karen, HuoyYing, HsiaoHong, Me & Peilee
hmm..can you all focus on Karen in this pic?? you what is she eating??
(Apa nie, eating also wanna take pic??
Not respect me at all huh!!)
haha..joking oni ya..
Clockwise from left: YenTing, Yenn, Me & Jing
Are we the "Lesbian Couples"?? are right!!
YenTing & Yenn has knot to each other last year
& Jing & me just married last month!!
(Hey gurls, am I right??)
From left: Karen, Alex, Me & SayLing
Took this b4 we started to sing B'day Song.. you all realise that I've taken off my jacket??
Sorry to show my "fatty" to you all..
I was too hot at tat moment so I...
Anyway, my frenz said not bad wor I wear like tat..
but I m not used to it la..
. are too much ppl..
I can't introduce them to you all.
But I think Aaron get his punishment here,
cz she always bully gurls!!
What a bad guy..better run away from him!!
(hey "Ah Po" [Kungfu Panda], I'm kidding ya..don't angry!!)
My dearest housemates & me!!
Thanks them of giving me a memorable "Key" pendant^^
My dearest cousins & me^^
Thanks them so much for coming!!
Love them always..
It's my dearest "mommys"
Yupe, it's Agnes, Me & Joanne!!
This is the only pic we took together^^
Appreciate them so much in organising a great B'day Party to me!! you all too~!~
Here's Winnie & her sis-Wen Ling^^
Thanks Winnie too as she fetched us here & there
to buy the B'day party's stuffs..
Not forget to thanks her sis-WenLing as
she was the "Unpaid Photographer"..
She took a lot of pics of me during my B'day party..
Thanks you all so ya~
Lastly, it's me with my "cutie" B'day cake & my "unexpected" presents!
Will share with you all more what did I get in the next entry..
I wanna thanks my parents as well
who raise me up & now I'm officially 21 year old^^
I hope I can be more independant
& do not always rely/depend on my family!!
Hope my dreams come true,
Wish all my friends study hard in this final 2 semesters,
I'll always remember the day you guys celebrated my B'day
the "expected" presents tat I received!!
Love you guys so much!!
Friendship Forever^^


  1. u really have a great great great bday lei......
    so touching...
    n too, ur fren so kind...
    hope u will appreciate thm ya...
    again, wish u will be having a good future n good luck in everything..

  1. Shirley says:

    sasa,although i m not at thr, but i still wanna say happy brithday to u....keke....u really have a great 21st birthday wor......good wor.....keke....i m envy oledi ler...sad sad.....
    miss u so much ler....

  1. Joey says:

    hey girl, happy birthday ya... =) love you, my dear friend

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Donasky]:
    hello dear,
    thx so much for leaving a sweet comment to me here..

    yupe..i really had a touching 21st bday~ sure i will appreciate my dear course mates n oso every1 in my life!!

    My motto is: Treat Every1 sincerely!!

    Thanks so much of ya wishes once again..u too take k n study hard ya..hope to meet u in one day^^

    Good day^~^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Shirley]:
    my dear jimuiz..dun be sad or envy la..dun be like tat...nez time we go hav fun together when u back to msia ya..i miss u so so so much too!!

    u must take gd k there ya..wear more clothes n put on ur blanket when u sleep k~~ dun make ur jimuiz worry here wor...

    thanks of ya long distance sms n ur sweet wishes to me!! appreciate it alot!! muakssssssss..

    love ya..God bless..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joey]:
    thx so so so much of da "not-considered surprise"..haha..i m sure u knw wat i mean here rite??

    anyway, touch to got tat it!! love u too my dear n ching jie~!~ both of you treat me so great!! will always both you too even though we gonna graduate in 5 months time..wish ya study hard n all the best^^

  1. ching says:

    walau.. c la.. got so many ppl celebrate wit u and give u many many present..haha..its good.. means u not a bad person..hehe!!

    then u can keep those pic in ur memory... got two person is ur dearest cousin meh??haha... jk la...dun angry oh...

  1. joanne says:

    Lisa..need to be mature liao oo..
    21 years old can do what???

    .enter casino(nobody will kick u out)
    . say loudly 2nite would go bek to sleep
    . can "ngei ngei" ooo
    . key=passport


    . welcome joining our old folk group.
    . cant sleep late( nt young anymore)
    . appearance of "kedut"
    . People start call u AUNTY

    However o...ours heart will still young......FOREVER 21...

  1. Joey says:

    Joanne, keep back skin laa (Shao pei). Haha. old then old la, still want to mention that your heart is still young oh, even everyone are support your statement but you can't change the reality too - you're old folk. Can't change anymore. Wahaha~

  1. agnes says:

    Wahaha~ Old folk all talking here... Nia nia...

    Anyway... I still manage send my beloved LISA the 1st sms~ Yea!

    Even I have late a bit~ But still want to greet my Beloved LISA happy always and all the dream come true~ May GOD bless her! Let her away from all the pain and unhappinese.

    Love you always oh~ May our friendship long lasting ever~

  1. ching says:

    aiyo.... y u all so "positive" thinking de? even v "old" but at least ur heart not "old" then good liao ma... no worry ya..

    act u all look like very young le.. not old la...u all so active.. so no one will say u old if u not mention age la..hehe..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joanne]:
    yala yala,
    my dear "mommy"..I will listen to you 1 leh..dun "mature" is it?? haha..i think after several decades, i may not be like tat i born to be "childish" 1!! wakaka..

    Ur imagination really geng lo!! Veli "kao" some more..haha

    Yupe, sure wil go to Casino hang gai gai if gt chance!!
    Say loudly n go bek slp?? wat mean ar??
    "ngai ngai"?? u think i m so simply gv my "purest" thing to other ar!! no no no..I wont do it unless i m married!!
    key=passport?? go where?? haha..go overseas?? i love to do so but no..$$!! so we nid to earn money leh..

    haha..i dun k abt the disadvantages la..nvm la...old mai old long as u said our heart stil YOUNG ma!! hahaha..yupe yupe..FOREVER 21!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joey]:
    wah wah wah..dear Joey,
    u so "dai dam" (big courage) to ask Joanne "shao pei"??

    u dun scare she will "dui lam" u ar??? nei sei bei nei wui hou cham lo!!!

    haha..old folk?? sounds not bad wor..then are u the same too?? u r oni younger thn her 1 year wor..hehe..kidding ya~

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Agnes]:
    welcome Agnes to the "Old Folk Chat ROom"!! haha...

    thanks you so much la to become the no.1 in sending sms to me on My bday!! hahaha..some more your message is not yt reach 12am u still wanna congratz you to become the No.1 la!! hehehe..gong hei gong hei!!

    thanks of ya wishes once again you too!! muakss muakss...yupe, frenship long long long!!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Ching]:
    hehe..yaya..i m damn happie to get tat much of presents but still wanna thx u all la in giving me a memorable bday!!!

    sure keep those memorable pic in my mind always worries..i wont forget u tis friend!!

    haha..ching jie~ u oso not bad too ma..esp when 38 on sth!! haha...kidding kidding..wish ya good day!! n friendship long long long too..muaks!!