Dedicate to My Dearest BB Alice^^

Posted: 20 July 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , ,

Hello guys,
today is the "Full Moon"(a month after born) of my dearest niece^^
Yupe yupe..She was born at June 20 2008!!
She's a cute little "Mix Gal" just like me,
haha..but not the same "genes" la..
Her papa is Malay & Her mama is Chinese (who is my cousin)
I'm proud to introduce her name to all of you^^
Her name is Allesha Bte. Abdul Khan
while nick name is Alice^^
(Not Alice from the Wonderland yoh~)
Doesn't she has a pretty name??
(Yes, I do think so^~^)
Okay, let's move on to see her pics
which her mama sent to me by MMS^^
Here's my dearest niece-Alice^^
This pic took after 1 day she was born~
Aiyoh, I really wanna hug her & kiss her some more..
Unfortunately, she stays at Sabah right now.
Hehe..I love her "chubby chubby" look la..
She's kinda look like me when I was a little BB^^
Hmm...Keep Quiet ya~
Cutie BB Alice is sleeping.
Baby is the most Happie ppl in the world
as he/she doesn't has any sorrow/obstacle^~^
Wish to back to my BB times where my parents took care of me always..
Wah..BB Alice is getting "Bigger & bigger"!!
haha..can you see the way she sleep??
Tell the truth,
the way she sleep states that she doesn't has any sorrow..
That's why I said Baby is the Happie ppl in the world^^

My dear BB Alice,
hope ya stay healthy always..
When ya grow up must obey your papa & mama k??
They do love you as they love your sister too..
Your auntie Lisa (me) love you as well^^
Wah wah..BB Alice is getting more "Cute & Cute"!!
Wish I could be at Sabah neh..
Hmm..glad that she was born healthily & prettily as well~
(Yiiii..cutenya Si Alice!!)

Haha..dedicate this pic for dear cousin & cousin-in-law^^
There's 4 different pics state that 4 different poses of BB Alice~
BB Alice veli "geng" leh..not more than 1 month but
can pose so many styles..
I think when she grews up,
She will be a "Famous International Actress"!!
My dear cousin, don't forget treat me "yum cha" when
BB Alice is famous in the future cz
I've been promoting her in my blog^^
Before I end this post,
Let me introduce the Famlily members of BB Alice^^
From left: Her papa, Her Sister (Ally) & Her mama (my dear cousin)!!
Wish BB Alice have a Happie Full Moon!!
May God Bless BB Alice & her Dearest Family too^^



  1. Joey says:

    She so cute =) I love her too. hehe. But I damn scare baby, especially when they crying. haha~

  1. joanne says:

    Really cute as Lisa oo

    Lisa dun envy liao la...yr babies surely oso vy cute de (unique pretty genetic from mama)...(wait de red eggs from u...warning o...muz within 10 years o..)hihihi

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joey]:
    hehe..yawor~ i oso scare when bb cry ler..if we duno hw to handle sure cham worry la, i m sure u can be a good mama in the future n will learn to handle the bb cry geh~!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joanne]:
    haha..thx for wishing that i will get a cute bb jz like my cousin's bb~

    aiyoh..i wanna get the red eggs from u sin no no..nt so soon..u will be the 1st 1 among us to distribute the red egg to us~~ wait for ya..

  1. ching says:

    hey lisa, when is ur turn to hav baby ya? when u hav must post it also oh.. i wanna c ur cute cute baby. how come i can know ur baby very cute le? coz lisa oledi very cute...hehe...

    i still can remember tat day u give me c her face, very funny. coz one day before still close eye de, then the next day, open jor..

    last, wanna welcome bb alice to tis world. after tis she will need to play war game jor....

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    hehe..glad tat u still remember abt the pics i gv u to see..but hor..i forget liao abt the day before her eyes was closed then the next day her eyes open...hehe.. i adi old old la..easily forgot thing 1..realy mo yong leh~

    haha..ching jie..u dun "hao fa fa" la..wat my bb oso cute bcz of i cute..haha..i m not cute cute la..i m fat fat ugly piggy~

    yupe..thx for the best wishes to BB Alice wor..muaks..u too take k o!!

    anyway, wat's war game?? wat mean leh??

  1. ching says:

    dun say urself like tat... sometime v will easier to forgot something...

    war game means she will be face tis society in few years times..haha... so need to congrate her lo.. but when she grow bigger, v oledi old lo..hehe...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    haha..WAR GAME huh..sounds veli playful Ooo..wat a creative imagination u hav ar!!! i said bb is the happie ppl in the world but when they grow up they nid to face a lot of challenge in their life liao..

    Not yt old nt yt old la..jz our BONES oni are getting old cz our heart are forever young ma!! hehe..

  1. ching says:

    ya, u r correct... v must always remind each other, v r young. even v all old but the heart is still young, right?

    war game, tis name not bad ma... dun u think tat v all now like playing war game meh? everyday fight here, fight there. v study is for wat? for a better future, right? so u also need to play war game wit other then u baru can get a better life in future...

    as a conclusion, act v r same like army, juz the different is v dun hav gun.hahaha!!!

  1. Lisa717 says: nid remind each other 1 la..tahu sendiri sendiri boleh la tu!!

    yawor..everyday we nid to "fight" with the problems or the obstacles tat happen in our life~ bt this is a must in order to grow mature n more mature rite??

    though we dun hav gun bt we gt heart, feeling and action. this is where we learn frm ah pek SATAR!! haha..

  1. ching says:

    yalo.. learn from ur beloved pak cik... ur "kai ye"..hehe..

    everyday also wan to fight.. sometime will feel sien.. but sometime still ok geh...

    recently everyone fight for ass.. today sorry oh.. u asking me something about that politician, but i din give u good respond.. sorry again. coz doing tat abstract ma..