Dedicate to 716's B'day Gal^^

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Today is my dearest course mates B'day!!!

Yupe yupe, this luckie gal name- Agnes Cheah!!

Here's where the "Purple Bear Jelly cake" story comes from.

Well, we're celebrating our B'day together in advance^^

Surpirsingly, her B'day fall 1 day earlier than me..

haha..She is 716 & I am 717!!

I've uploaded some pics of her during the party,

Let's check it out together^^
Tadaaa...It's my "mummy"-Joanne who
was holding the "Purple Bear Jelly Cake"!

We're ready to sing B'day song for our
luckie B'day gal-Agnes Cheah~~

.Guess what, she did not know that we bought
a "Purple Bear Jelly Cake" for her~

She was superb "Surprise" when she saw the "Purple" cake!!
. After singing B'day song, sure blew out the candle^^
well, I can't let you all know how old is she..
"Common sense man, gal is sensitive with age"
(Agnes, do you agree with wat i said?? hehe..)
It's Agnes & me with our "cutie"+"purple" jelly cake^^
Love this so Agnes smile happily in this pic~~
Hope she loves the "surprise" we gave to her^^
It's "saying cheese" time..hehe..means taking photo time la~!~
All the pinky pretty ladies taking photo together^^
What a great combination of color..don't ya think so??
Hey hey, why did you all kiss Agnes??
What about me?? I oso wan some kisses..
Com'mon babe..kiss me kiss me..
(aiks, wat's happened to me?? Hunger for kiss??)
Ooopss..where had the other "paws" gone??? Who had eaten it??
I think all of you may ask,
why do we buy "purple" color Bear Jelly cake for her??
Why don't we buy other colors??
The answer is so simple,
Agnes always bring her little "purple bear" wherever she go,
not to school ya but to outstation lo..
I stil remember tat I went to Genting with her,
she brought tat little "purple bear" with her as well..
So, that's why we bought a "purple bear" jelly cake for her^^
Lastly, wishing Agnes a veli "gay gay gay B'day"!!
Wish you found a Good Bf early,
Get marry early,
& give birth to a dozen of kids early too^^
All the best to you,
May your dream comes true!!
Muaks, love you gal..
Friendship Everlasting ya^~^


  1. Joanne says:

    I oso 1 2 greet her here ler...
    Wish Agnes happy 2x birthday...
    "Green Spring beauty soil"
    "people see people love,
    car see car fetch"
    "study leaf in step"
    "one yatch wind smooth".....etc

    Lisa...u said "Wish you found a Good Bf early"..haha so "meaningful" ooo

  1. Agnes says:

    Great blog specially for me... Make me embarrase nia~ Thanks Thanks~ My beloved Lisa Princess~ Muakssssss~

    Thanks for you guys surprise! Make my face really so RED ler~ One time enuff lo~ Don't want again liao~ Hehe...

    Walau... Y ur wish so weird ger? I dun wan that kind of greeting de... I want to be millionaire~ By the way, I'm not planning marry wow~ Don't even mention born children ler!

    Walau~ Ur wish really so "unique"~ Scare me off! Neh~ "Cheng Ni Guai Yin" (In cantonese)~

    Now I was count down for Lisa lo~ Still got 1 hours 56 min to go~ Hehe! Once 00:00, I want to be the 1st to greet her nia~

  1. ching says:

    lisa, i wanna use ur space to wish my good coursemate, agnes, happy birthday...

    i also wanna wish my dear lisa, happy birthday oh...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    {reply to all of you]:
    hahaha..thx thx for using this space to wish our dearest course mates a veli gay gay gay bday!!! hehehe...

    aiyoh..dear agnes, no nid so embarass la..ok??? it's my great pleasure to blog abt ur bday n i oso adi promised u abt tat..u happie, I happie, every1 happie enuff lo!! haha..

    Joanne, u siao siao adi..y translate all the "chinese idiom" into eng?? haha..anyway, its so funny to read it in english lo.. but i gt sm nt understand leh..wat "car see car fetch"?? n oso agnes 1, wat mean "Cheng Ni Guai Yin"??

    thx for the bday wishes to me wor..yupe yupe..waiting for u ar agnes to be the 1st 1 greet me on my actual birth date..hehe..wanna see whether u r the 1st One Ooo..

  1. joanne says:

    now...i 1 2 wish our little cutie princess HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY ooo...


    Lastly wish u "heart think things done"ooooooooooooooooooooo

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joanne]:
    my dear,
    u are so sweet & treat me gd enuff la..i really dunno how to thanks without saying thanks to u!!!

    Ur chinese translation really good leh..haha..make me laugh non-stop when u write in such a way..

    wish u the same as wht u had wished me you always!!

  1. agnes says:

    Hehe~ Thanks to Ah Ching greeting me ler~

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