Jason Mraz-I'm Yours

Posted: 21 July 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

Recently, I'm in love with Jason Mraz latest song-I'm Yours!!! It's damn nice & make me wanna fly to the moon^^

He's a talented singer & most of his songs could melt the hearts of million of galz out there!!

Oh God, how I wish he could be my darling as longing for him to sing song for me whereby I lay on his chest~ Oh gosh, oh gosh..I've thought too much!! hehe..

Anyway, if anyone of you hasn't heard of his latest song-I'm yours. You may view the MTV clip below!! For those who has heard it b4, let's enjoy it together by viewing the below clip ya^^

Wanna get to know Jason Mraz more??
Kindly log on to Jason Mraz the Website
Hope you all enjoy & love the song too^.^
God bless..


  1. joanne says:

    wow...wat a great song....(however i still not really enjoy it yet oh..)

    Lisa...dun siao siao always pratice de song liao...

    u should introduce to yr soulmate & pratice 2gether de ma...

    then u 2 are M'sia "TWINS" liao...congratulation

  1. Lisa717 says:

    aiks..hw cm u nt really enjoy it leh..hmm..this can prove that diff ppl hav diff preference geh..

    wat da huat wat da huat?? wat introduce to her wor? u siao siao ar??

    u nie orang ar?? raise the Msian Twins issue again ar?? U knew wat..She and Aaron are the Msian Twins la..haha..their physical & interest quite same wor..dun u think so??

  1. ubey says:

    mason mraz? i love the 'geek in pink' song