Avril Lavigne on Tour 2008!!!

Posted: 28 July 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: , ,

My God, My God!!!!
On Aug 29 2008,
Avril is coming to rock Msia for her 1st & ever concert here!!!
She's my Favourite International Idol^^
Love her music & her talent veli much~
I'm desperately wanna go for her concert la^^
Now, still wondering which ticket shud I buy..
Shud I go for the Expensive 1 or the cheapest 1??
Ticket Categories:
Free Standing- RM 338, RM 268, RM188
Free Seating: RM188, RM138, RM98
To view the Seating Plan,
Kindly click Seating Plan
Who wanna go with me?
Or whoever out there will or wanna go for Avril Concert??
Leave ur comment here &
let's discuss this excitement topic!!!
For more info. on Avril Concert in M'sia,
kindly click Avril Lavigne on Tour 2008
Let's RoCk & RoLL with Avril Lavigne!!!
A concert that you shudn't be missed!!!


  1. ching says:

    last few day i oledi saw tis ads. feel to go le.. even i not usual hear her song la.. but i know very nice lo..
    but...but the ticket very expensive le..

  1. joanne says:

    my fren oso quite interested to go ler..
    Lisa support yr idol buy the most expensive ticket la...sure it worthy ooo...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    hehehe..glad to hear tat u feel to go..yupe yupe..her songs damn nice 1!! veli hot n punky some more!! love it love it!! I love her extraordinary singing way lo..she really can sing veli high note 1 as I can't do tat..hmm..i really hope can go ler..

    hav u seen the seating plan?? mayb you can choose to buy RM138 or RM188 lo..but it's quite far the stage leh..hmm..dunno how oOo..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joanne]:
    wow..Joanne, u think i'm so rich ar?? nw i'm finding part time job to buy the ticket to go ler..I oso intend to buy the expensive 1 leh..bt its Free Standing 1..i scare my leg will pain pain la..cham.....

  1. ching says:

    act i hav saw the price before, but forgot oledi.. i dun hav so much money, so wont go lo.. juz listen her song from my lap top lo..

    u go la.. find someone who also ngam wit u de...then u all go togehter la..

  1. cazzycazz says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for swigging by & ur sweet comment... Yes i will get well soon for my Bali trip & i wont borrow a cam from a friend coz i have butter fingers ._. !!

    Sure will nang u and visit ur blog.... Take care gal and all the best!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    hahaha..i really dunno hu can I find to go with me la..hmm..headache headach la!!!

    The friends amongst us seems not really in love with her 1..tat's wat I think la..gt some geh..bt i din ask they wan to go or not..hehe..u knw la..i m paiseh 1 ma..easy to get shy shy ma..

    Erm..wat song of Avril you like to listen?? share with abt it ler since u wont go to her concert...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to cazz]:
    No thx my dear nuffnager friends & U're mostly welcome!!!

    hehe..no matter what & whose cam u gonna use!! jz keep in mind that : You've to be Careful!! not Careless anymore k???
    You sure can turn your butter fingers to ROCK fingers...hahaha...

    yupe..see u again in my blog n your blog as well..God bless ya always~

  1. ching says:

    act wat song i also like, juz depend on the song nice or not. so next time if u hav nice song, juz save for me ya... thanks first..

    some more me very poor in download song, so normally i will waiting my frenz do for me. but recently no lo... coz less together wit my frenz...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    hehehe..sure sure..i gt some songs in my pendrive cz tat day khai jing asked me to save songs for her as her laptop jz went for format..

    nez mon i will bring the pendrive to you ya..no worry..u can download watever song u like in the pendrive..hehe..

  1. iCalvyn says:

    she is cute, but some how her eye draw like ghost

  1. Lisa717 says:

    aiks..calvyn, hw dare you said tat it looks like ghost!!! Roarr...tats it artistic la!!!

  1. hey lisa jie, I finally leave a comment here liao, so will you buy me her ticket? I love her so much leh, avril rocks!!!!!

    LOL~ her eye draw like ghost? oh man, that's one of the part that I like her so much, hehe!

    lisa, will u buy me ticket? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    wai wai wai~ Mr.Tecsun!!! How dare you oni right leave comment to me?? u really not "give me face" at all lo!!

    hehe..aiks, i oso not sure whether i m goin to tat concert or not la..cz i m stil looking for part time job to work since i dun hav much money~

    wan me buy ticket for u?? stop dreaming la..u're the 1 shud buy me ticket la..cz u adi work & sure gt more money than me..i'm stil waiting for sm1 to sponsor me to go leh...blek......