Hoping to be a Transformer!!

Posted: 30 July 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels:

It's 7am in the morning & I woke up with nothing done!! Why do I say so?? Actually, I need to finish some parts of my assignment to be discussed with my group members today but I didn't accomplish it last nite!!

What's wrong with me?? What's wrong with me?? Why do I couldn't change my bad attitude-LAZINESS!! I admit that I always do my work at last minute. Though I always telling myself not to do my work in last minute but I still practice it & did it everytime!!

After the Assignment's Marks come out & I did not get good mark, I will start to blame myself why did I do not finish my task early so that I can double-check it in order to prevent more mistakes. Hmm...the same question keep running on my head right now-Why?? Why?? Why do I couldn't change my bad attitude in tis matter!!

There's 4 more assignments to go!! Nez week gotta hand in 2 & the rest will be in the following week. Oh gosh, I still havn't started my Final Year Project too!! This is fxcking terrible!! Many of my course mates have already done their chapter 1 & 2!! But what about me?? I've done nothing!!

I really need to go for HIBERNATION!! There's a lot of things tempting me esp.my beloved PC. Once I reach home after my tiring class in Uni for sure I rush to my PC & start to do sth which is not related to my academic.

I've to set a limitation for myself to surf the fxcking net!! But the question here is..Can I really do so?? Answer is...50% can, 50% cannot!! It's a probability here..When there's probability, we can try to do it!!

Okay, I couldn't be pessimistic right now cz I know that the more we feel in negative way, the more we couldn't accomplish our tasks!! I have to always say Yes to myself that I can do it!! Oh Yes, I can do it (haha..*Nike Slogan really works huh*)

hmm..it's almost 7.30am. I need to get ready to go for my morning class at 8.30am. Adios to you guys out there. Please pray hard for my "Attitude Transformation" ya..I want to be a Transformer (hey, not the robotic 1 la!!)..What I mean is I want to change my bad attitude to GOOD!!!


  1. weeeeeeeeh! i can relate much on you regarding this post. i'm coping up with my procastination problem... i have a lot of work to do, a lot of ideas, a lot of plans... but i can't move... one of the causes that is clear to me is that... lately, i'm not emotionally ok... but right now, i'm really challenge to overcome this bad habit...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Hello, thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    Do you mind to intro?? how do you get to know my blog?? Really surprise to get your comment to my blog~

    Hmm...I'm striving hard to overcome this bad attitude too!! Let's overcome it together!! Let's us join me to be the Transformer..haha..this is oni joking, I know it's quite lame..

    Anyway, I do hope that 1 day..no no..not 1 day..I hope I could overcome it veli soon!!!

    Yes, if other's can do it...what do we can't?? So, I believe that U Can too!!!

    Take k there...

  1. joanne says:

    Work hard lo

    wait the day u r completely change o...(not the gender but attitude la)hihihi

    Dun worry ...if u r the slow "kura" left behind 100 steps; i be the cute rabbit left behind 50 steps lo

  1. Lisa717 says:

    oiii...mummy!! u're here to insult me ar??? bad bad ppl~ bt the more u wan to insult me the more i like it!!

    *That's the way..aha..aha..I like it..Aha..aha*

  1. ching says:

    i also hope i can be transformer, coz recently i really got lots of things need to do n hope can settle it smoothly.

    but the result is i cant do so.. coz too tired.. everytime when reach home, i try to tahan n not sleep, but still cant. at the end also need to force myself wake up.

    ok, mayb i can also write a title about transformer.hehe. copyright, right?? need to pay ah??

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Ching]
    no worry my dear, I know u can do it n overcome the obstacles you face rite nw!! all of us must push each other to do well n oso work hard in our studies ler..

    sure u can write about transformer geh..haha..Copyright?? no la..i m not such bad ppl ler..go go go..go ahead to write it too..hehe..