A Mystery Letter that Cheers me all day long!!

Posted: 06 November 2008 by Lisa717 in

(*praying to God*..is Lisa getting "siao"/ crazy?)
Oh My Gosh,
I really can't stop laughing when I received a mystery mail!!
A mail with no any company logo...
A mail with no any stamp..
What is the content of the mail??
Isn't it a love letter from a mystery guy??
Isn't it a "Black-Mail"??
From the pic above,
can you guys figure it out what is the content of the mail??



Okay, let me announce that the content of the mail



My 1st cheque from Nuffnang!!
Hoo~~ Hoo~~ Hooray!!!
I can't believe that Nuffnang was
just send the cheque to me on time
since I'm lacking of expenses right now...



Although I did not earn much,
bt there's RM100++ la...
Sorry ya, I can't reveal the exact amount...
Hmm..I'm overwhelmed right now...
$$$$$$$$$..I'm lovin it!!



I wanna encourage to the nuffies out there
to continue support Nuffnang & do update ur blog
more often if you have the time k??
I'm sure you guys can earn more than me
in a short period of time~
I gotta stop here~
Let me express my overwhelm for one last time,
Oh Yes, I got the 1st cheque from Nuffnang!!
Hooray~~~~~ I'm superb happie!!!
Tonite sure cannot slp lol~~


  1. really you get cheque from nuffnang? Hum but for how many mounth before it can be 100? i try for 5 days no vallue i get. can teach me how. and all so add me at friendster kaispg@yahoo.com and my blog http://ktolaka.blogspot.com support the blogger world..

  1. congratulations... so coincidence.. i also rec a chq from google today, also amounting to 100 over usd.. hehe.. i will bank in tomorrow..
    ok will give u CAPITAL N. and u give me some CAPITAL G...
    JIA YOU...

  1. cazzycazz says:

    Oh sis congrats!! I don't even have enough to cash out!! Kekeke.... Happy for you *hugz*

  1. Lisa717 says:

    thanks you guys for the congratz^^

    [reply to Khairul]:
    I will reply u at ur blog ya~~

    [reply to claire]:
    wow~ u received more money thn me ler..some more ur money is in USD!! it's my triple amount la...u really geng lo..can get 100USD!! COngratz to u too ya...hehehe...

    [reply to cazz]:
    thanks ah jie for ur sweet msg..hehe..dun giv up ya my dear sis..i m sure u can cash it out very soon~~

  1. joanne says:

    Wow..big business liao o


  1. fina-je! says:

    you,congrates. lambat kot kan?
    i nk tnye the same thing as khairul anuar? could u pls tell me how to increase my earnings? still blurla.

    p/s; thnx fr the visit.

  1. hey can u give ur email to add ur frendster to add u there. or ym