A day at Pool^^

Posted: 19 June 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

First time, I went to pool with my dearest course mates.. What a wonderful day to go to pool with them..

Anyway, I've a secret that I wanna reveal here..That is...that is...I duno how to swim la..Please don't giggle at me ya..

Mayb some of you out there may ask y m I still go to pool even though I duno how to swim?? haha..good question!!

I went to pool bcz I like the environment there..& I like to "play" water..haha.. I like to "soak" myself in the water as I can wonder that I am in the Jacuzzi..haha..really hoping I have a Jacuzzi bath tub in my house^^

Anyway, let's take a look at those pics below tat I took at the pool..

This is the Sunset scenery that I took from the pool^^
Doesn't it look warm+peace??

This is how the pool look like^^
Doesn't it look nice??
It's an outdoor pool..veli nice 1!!

Yeah~ 2 pretty babez & 1 "so po"/silly gal who is me~~
Left: Agnes & Joanne & .....me....
Paiseh to show this pic la..
Stop giggling ya!!

1 more pretty babe!! Frm left: Cat & Joanne^^
Thanks for having fun with me on the day at pool ya~
Love u all so much..not forget Agnes too..hehe..

Jeh jeh jeh..U think u're swimmer meh??
haha..posing like a "Good swimmner" pulak..
By the way, I'm hoping to learn swim with F.O.C...
Swimming is a good exercise, I'm sure that I can lose more fat by swimming!
I wish I've a pool in my house lo,
can "soak" myself whenever I want..
Don't it feel good??
haha..I guess so..


  1. sayling says:

    dear friend,
    go swimming also didn't invite me..
    not good lo...
    so sad...
    sob sob..

    p/s: yeah.I'm the first person leave comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Stupiak,

    Paisei c the swimming suit picture... Felt weird weird~ kaka~

    Hmm... I wish I can refresh my swimming technique... Then I can teach u to swim and of coz is F.O.C de!

    Nen Nen Pot

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to sayling]:
    Yes n congratz to u tat u become the 1st person to leave comment to me!! haha..

    Nt we din bring u go ler..u oso know rite we went to which fitness..hmm, dun mention here ya..i think tat's the last time i go there..cz my card expired liao..

    dun b sad sad ya..sure there's another chance to go together..miss ya!!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to nen nen pot]:
    haha~ dun paiseh paiseh..u look great in the pic la!! u gotta believe in urself tat u r "big"!! hehe...

    yalolz..u better practice more so tat i can learn from u ler..haha..for u must f.o.c la..hehe...if not, i dun fren fren u~ ehehe..jk jk~

  1. dOnAsKy says:

    happy to tell u tat i dono how to swim too..
    same same lei^^

    anyway, i never wear swimming suit b4 too...

    by the way, i hav been so long not go to water park or see ler....T.T

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hehehe~ glad to hear tat u dunno how to swim too..*grin*..haha...jk jk..i think we gotta learn it ler..cz scare if any bad things happen to us (touchwood), n we nid to swim..it will b veli cham if we dono how to swim for survive..

    u never swim suit?? nvm nvm..i buy u a sexy swim suit ya..hehe

  1. Anonymous says:

    How dare u exposure my pretty x10 face to others....bad girl ooooo..hihihi

    You can been caught under Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332)..watch out.........!!!!!


  1. Lisa717 says:

    Wat bad gal wor..I'm promoting u to the guy out there..since u so leng lui..sure must promote u geh..wanna make u famous!! haha..

    aiyoh..so geng adi oOo..wanna use Comm Law to sue me ar..gd gd..gd application!!

    wat a "good student"!! kakaka..

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, tis fitness swimming pool look so beauty nia, i thought is located at ur living place, haha! Anyway, i oso in learning swimming nw lol, i only knw frog swim... but nt enuf becoz it is too slow le T.T

    wah wah

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hehe~ nice leh the pool!! hope to go there again..bt hav u to join as member ler..b4 tis oni trial nia..

    u knw to swim frog style consider veli geng liao lo!! me oni know "walking" style..haha..means walking inside the pooll..

    how i can learn to swim 1 day^^