"Huat You" = "Fxxx You"???

Posted: 27 June 2008 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

In a peaceful evening, I was in the lecture class. I was too bored in the class & started to flip the newspaper which belong to my course mate-Jxxxx! Sorry ya, not available to tell her name cz I'm afraid of she will spank me!!
Suddenly, I saw an advertisement with the title- [What the...] I forgot what's the ads about. So, I quickly took a pen & added some words in the incomplete phrase.

I wrote : What the heck??
What the fxxx??
What the axx??
What the cxxx??
(I know I'm lame & rude..haha)
After that, I showed it to Jxxxx.. Then she replied me with "Huat You" in written form!! At 1st, I really did not know what does it mean.. So, she pronounced it to me-"Huat You"!! I was shock & spontaneously I knew it's meant-"Fxxx You" in english!!
Can you see what the cat showing to us??
Fxxx You!!
Oh Gosh, how can Jxxxx said sth like tat?? Hmm..I jz realized that she's a rude person too.. haha.. This tells us we shud not judge the book with its cover!!
Well, the story not yet end!!! Jxxxx told me the actual meaning of "Huat You" is not as what I said jz now... Actually "Huat" in Hokkien means “Getting Rich"..
So "Huat You" means You'll be getting Rich!! If in proper Hokkien, it shud be pronounced as "Huat Lu"..Lu at here mean You!! haha..

Don't think too much.."Huat You" does not mean "Fxxx You"
Once again,
"Huat You" means "You'll be Getting Rich"!!
Yeah~ "Huat You" to every1...


  1. syee says:

    "Huat You"sound really like english "rude "mean leh...haha
    but u tell our about this word "Huat" in Hokkien means “Getting Rich"..
    tat nice la...hehe^^
    u know i write wat?
    my grammar so bad ...paiseh paiseh!^^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    yupe yupe~ sure i knw wat ya mean..hehe..cz my eng oso poor...we gotta gayao gayao oooOoo!!! muakss...dun paiseh la..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Stupiak,

    U bad ar... Caught u got naughty mind... Hehe...

    I also wan to speak... "Huat u"...
    Hope everyone "Huat" la~ Earn more more money~ $.$

    Love ya~ Gambateh!

    Nen Nen Pot

  1. ching says:

    walau.. today u din listen tat ah pak class ah? wrote here n there... too bad.. ah pak so love u, but u hurt him..haiz...hehe..jk la.. (dun angry ya)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to nen nen pot]:
    aiyoh~ wat notty mind wor?? hehe..tats common sense wat..

    yupe yupe..
    wish all of us "Huat..Huat..huat"!!

    n oso hope all of us have a bright future!!!


  1. Lisa717 says:

    aiyoh...i wrote this n that nt at ah pak class la..its on the day before ler..dunno comm tech or media ethics clas..haha

    so funny la..y u call him ah pak though he really an ah pak! wakaka..

    sure no angry la..bt frustrated jek!! hoho...

  1. Anonymous says:

    ........ like tat oso can... in cantonese oso like tis lol, "FATT FATT FATT" oso sound like "FXXX XUXX XXCX"!!!


  1. Lisa717 says:

    kekeke~ wah wah..u oso gt notty mind huh?!?! hehe...i dun wan to mention in cantonese ma..cz it's really sound Fxxx!! kaka... how are u there wor...miss u leh^^

  1. Jo3y says:

    Lisa Tan, Please pay attention during the class! Can't you remember what Dr. Selva taught us last semester?! haha. Huat lu too... kekeke

  1. Jxxxxx says:

    Aiyaya...taught u too much liao...now Lisa bad bad liao o...
    Nmm...u should pay mi tution fees ler...
    Copyrighted de...
    pay mi!pay mi! pay mi!

  1. jo3y says:

    jxxxxx, don't though you put "xxxxx" in your name than we don't know who you're! actually we know who're there. kekeke! because you always said ham sap thing in our class,so no need to mention we also know who is that person already. hahaha.

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Joey]:
    oiiii...wat la..wat no pay attention in class ler?? do u think u gt pay full attention in class ar?? u ans me la..blek!!! hehe..u so pandai lo tat u knw hu is Jxxxx..hehe..yawor..she always talk hamsap thing geh..sure u can guess it lo!! haha..but Joey u better dun learn those hamsap thing wor..no good geh..u shud learn from me..i m good gal!!! hahaha..~~!~~

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to Jxxxx]:
    u really freak me out lo..wanna sue me some more..act u cant sue me 1 cz u r the 1 taught me abt tis ma..haha..if u stil wanna sue then u sue urself 1st la..!!! wakakaka..

    pay u for wat huh?? u r the 1 willing to teach me wor..nt i beg u..hehehe..hahaha~

  1. J says:

    U force mi to do so de....woooo

    u hah..."pass the bridge take off the wood"...

    Actually I so polite.."sze mun". and always happy de...(everyone agree o)

    hahaha...ham sap was not my cup of tea...tat sould be scientific common sense.

    Dun gar gar la Jo3y...hihihi we are at the same boat ma...dun laugh Lisa..u oso same...

    Tat word is my maxim...u published it at public...u should pay for the copyright...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Hey hey Jxxxxx, u dun keh keh la..i force u to do so?? wat da huat!! stupiak u!! U r the 1 taught me, if not i sure dunno 1..haha..wat maxim/principle?? dun b so lan lek k?? it's no more copyright lo..when u told me..gt few ppl heard it lo esp Agnes..haha..so no case law here k~

    soh la if u r "sze mun"..*vomit*..

    wat "pass the bridge take off the road"?? aiya..tell me the meaning la..always talk with such indirect 1...ppl so dumb cant understand la..