Sick PC

Posted: 07 April 2008 by Lisa717 in

My PC is sick larrrr~~
Have to "thank" to the Viruses
which had corrupted my CPU..
The viruses came frm My Uni's lab..

Right now, my CPU is being formatted
too bad....
I have to go to Cyber Cafe to on9!!

Dear friends out there..
do you know which Anti-Virus
is best to install??

Previously, I am using AVG,
Threat Fire...
Do you know any other than these??
Please let me know ya....


  1. Kit Zai says:

    Avg is not so sensitive, i suggest you use Avira antivirus software. this is better then AVG. you can try... and it is freeware

  1. Lisa717 says:

    oOO..okie..i get it..i will consider to use geh!! thx of ur comment ya kitzai..hehe..finally u gt leave ur precious comment to me..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Erm, maybe tis website could gv u some advise, haha, tis is it :

    From: AhWah

  1. Lisa717 says:

    so sorry wah wah, i thought i adi replied ur message at this post..dun worry, i m replying u rite now!! hehe..i will go to the website tat u mention to search for a gd anti-virus software..thx ya my dear buddy^^