Genting Trip Ep.2

Posted: 24 April 2008 by Lisa717 in

This is a continuous post follow by the previous post...At this post, I really have a lot of nice+cute pics wanna share with u all..hope that u all will enjoy ya..though many of you out there had gone to Genting Highlands before..but I do hope you all will spend some times to read this entire post ya..hehehe..Happi reading^.^


Double decker..double decker^^ Took this at the Skyway Cable Station..
Actually, this is a snack shop that modified by a Double Decker...Cute right?

Yup, I went to Genting Highlands by "cable car"..hehe..kinda scary+nervous cz that's my 1st time ride on it..

Can you see that..that's a lot of cable cars hanging on a circuit ler..

This is the 1st thing that capture my eyes at Genting, the pretty Ferris Wheel^^

I like this so much, it's my dream to ride on it..Unfortunately, I'm too big for it..for kid only!!

OoOpps..I am not at Paris ya..

The Genting Walk..not "Bintang Walk"ya..though there's lot of stars on the board..

I forgot what's this call ler..but I call it "flying dream space"..haha,does it sound illussion??..Don't you attracted by it?? you sure can see it at the indoor theme park..

This is another "flying dream space"'s a dragon in shape.

Another 1 which is designated with flowers..

And another 1 in a "whale" shape..I've taken four different shapes of "flying dream space"..which do you prefer?? I prefer the 1st one..hehe..

Ripley's Believe It or Not!!! Genting, you can visit this famous exhibition..RM15per head..however, I didn't go in cz I don't have much $$ at that I'll go there nez time^^

Though I didn't go in..but I still mange to take this..

This is amazing whereby all the things are bizzare..Cool!!

Superman comes & rescues you..don't worry..

This is the so called "Lover bridge" & the" Mini Lover Lake"..many ppl throw coins to the lake n make wishes.. this the statue of "Oscar"?? I'm not sure..

Wow..the "Statue of Liberty" gonna rocks the world with her "David Harrisson" babe..

Haha..glad to see these Genting Mascot dancing...

Am I at France?? kakaka...The indoor theme park of Genting really has a lot of foreign statues..make me feel like I travel in foreign country^^

This is also captured my eyes..esp.the giant pot-"Hot Pot" & the "giant fan" besides the hot pot..

Arrrrr...though this is a mini roller coaster but it really takes my nerve away!!

Ahaaa..this is the "Mini Monoreil" in Genting..Cute??

Another one in red color..hehe^^

This is the magic show that I've gone for FREE..hehe..the ticket to go in there in not cheap..if I'm not's nearly RM100..Thx to "dai ka jie" who gv the ticket to me..

This was taken by me taking pic is prohibited inside there..anyway, in the show there's a white tiger & a white lion!! Juz like the previous pic..they look pretty+gorgeous..really can't believe I can see those rare kinds of animal^^

This is where I stay-First World Hotel..don't the outlook so colorful?? however, it's only outlook..the inner part still ok..

Oh my gosh..can u see the weather??

Nice or not the lighting??? look like in the season of Xmas.. you where is this?? Only above 21 can go in ler..I've tried to go in there..however, the police stops me n said "Gal, come back again when you're 21!!"

Another casino, I also tried to go in there..however my outlook has shown that I'm not able to go in there...sienzzzzzz@@

This is sign board of "Ah Yat Bao yu(abolone)", not "Ah Giu Bao yu" neh..the famous "abolone" dishes restaurant in M'sia..

After having fun all the day sure not forget to go makan at McD all times favourite..hehe..if I'm not mistaken, I went there at 1am..

After 2 days 1 night at Genting Highlands, it's time to go's the cable car that arrived at the Skyway station..


I'll go to Genting Highlands again to have fun at the outdoor theme park..wait for me ya..hehehe..Adios^^


  1. Jo3y says:

    Dear Sis, nothing special inside the casino. I believe you will not love it too...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    kakaka~ my dear, really or not?? bt i wanna try to hav luck there n wanna experience to be a gambler..

  1. dOnAsKy says:

    U took so many pic..
    even i went genting for more thn 2 times..
    i not ever notice some of it..
    u really a good observer..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear donasky^^
    hehehe..ya..i really took a lot of pic ler..erm..act i not a good observer la..i juz easily curious of the thing tat i never see n i oso easy to get excited whn i been to a new place the camera is my good fren^^ hehe..

  1. long time i no go genting already
    b4 when i feel bored, i will go genting and drink a cup of tea after that come back to PJ, but now no ppl accompany me already....

  1. dOnAsKy says:

    but u took a lot pic..
    u learn to take pic b4?

    anyway, u took pic using camera or hp?

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear kitzai^^ soli soli tat i juz saw ur message to me in this post...
    hmm~ if nez time got time, i accompany u go ler..since u so "syok" go there as to drink a cup of tea..hahaha..find a day tat we free then we ask moer kawan to go with us ya^^

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear donasky~
    from the pic u saw at this genting trip Ep.2,most of the pic i took with camera..n few of it is by hp geh.. act the camera not mine geh, its my cousin..n y did i use hp ler cz the camera no more batt tats y ler~

    anyway, thx of ur compliment tat those pics are nice..i never learn to take pic bt i try to learn it by myself..