Genting Trip Ep.1

Posted: 22 April 2008 by Lisa717 in

Really glad that I've the chance to go to Genting Highlands on last Sunday (13/04/08).. Quite embarrassed that this was the 1st time I went there..what to do ler.. Sabahan really has less chance to go there compare to those born in East M'sia..Am I right?? hehe..

Anyway, I've taken some pictures to show to you all..thought it's only a 2 days 1 nite trip..I feel contented & grateful.. Really surprise that when my friend brought me there..really wanna thx them a lot and also wanna thx "dai ka jie" of the Dreamz Magic Show ticket!!

I am not really sure that this is a restaurant or spa..
should be restaurant la..^^

What's that up there?? can you figure it out??

Love this..seems I was in the ancient chinese town..lot of bird cages~

Yea..I've been there too..At De Genting "fun game"..

At the lobby of the De Genting Hotel..

Hehehe..this is dedicated to the pop corn fancy^^

Don't this place look like classic English house??
act it is a resturant..

The entrance to the Indoor theme park..

Dong..dong..dong.. dong..dong..better go home now!!

I am at the Holland lover's boat..

Savatika..the entrance to the Thai's street..

Don't have enough money?? You may come here...

With the Genting mascot-Allie^^

Another Genting mascot- Tabby^^

Bang bang boom..wanna have a ride?? or bump with me?
I've played this for more than 10 times!!

At the 4D theater show..1st time to experience it..quite nice..


  1. sayling says: nice went to genting..
    although i didn't go with u...
    but i can feel your are enjoyable..
    so have u think want to go again...'
    actually i also watch the 4D last month..
    but i don't think is very good...n so expensive..

  1. Lisa717 says:

    hehe^^ sayling..glad to see u leave comment to me o..thx so much..hope u will continue to leave comment to me in the future ya^^

    yaya..i really enjoy to have fun there..however i cant stand the weather there my nose really sensitive o..keep on.."hachu hachu.."

    i bought the indoor theme park ticket it included all the game n show for whole day..hehe..for me, i dun thnk is expensive ler..i understood y u said nt good cz the movie veli short rite?? n the facilities quite "barya"..hehe..

    anyway, i stil feel contented la cz we cant expect too much in Msia..hahaha..

  1. Jo3y says:

    so suprise when I knew this is your 1st time went to genting. =p but everyone also have their 1st time, right? =) next time if we go to genting then we join you too laa...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear joey..hehe..ya~ hope we can go to genting in one day ler..thx for leaving comment to me by the way^~^

  1. Anonymous says:

    wat a colorful life in ur colorful age~ happy forever la...we should b like u in our age...haha


  1. Lisa717 says:

    aiyoh angeline^^ my life is normal ler..u oso can go Genting when u free as enjoy as much as u can de^^ all the best to u^~^