SURPRISE from Nuffnang!!!

Posted: 04 November 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,


I got my SECOND cheque from NUFFNANG after 1 month I cashed out^^

Happily & Surprisingly,
It flew to my house on last Tuesday!!

This time I only get RM51.38* as shown below in the pic *grin*..
That's my "hard earned" $$$$!!!


I knew some of you've noticed that
I mosaic-ed some of the contents in the cheque..
Why I wanna did so???


I did so to protect me, myself lar..
I admit that I did not only earn Rm51.38 la
but more n more than that!!

(sorry to deceive you guys at the 1st place..)

you all sendiri guess guess how much have I earned lar..

a superb short post for today!!
Take care everyone and Happie Day!!


  1. Aaahh.. why is everyone cashing out their Nuffnang reward but I'm still stuck at RM30+! Haha!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear atreyu: hmm..i have blogged kinda long..and since I wanna buy sth with that amount of $$$, so i decided to cash out.. no worry, u will get urs soon!!!

    dear kenwooi: thanks thanks!!

  1. RM1,000,051.38? Lisa you are the best!!!! XD I want a real BMW for my next year's birthday!!!

  1. DanielCtw says:

    Hmm.. well, that's good. A second cheque. I havent cash out my 2nd cheque yet. Will do so once it reached the amount I want. ^_^

  1. OMG!! jealous jealous!! hehe


    just after cashing out 1month ago.. u have so much already within a month to cash out again?? popularnya!!


    me since may til now belum even reach first cheque =p any advice? keke

  1. David Jr says:

    Congrats on your cheque :) I am yet to see mine. Sadly, I think I will have to wait for 1 year before I can even get rm50.00

    Malaysia Asia

  1. aaron says:

    hahaha. LOL @ henry. I wan my BMW too!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear Henry: muahahha, my dear bro~ Don't "siao siao" la!!!! I'm not "geng" yet k?? Mayb u r the 1 to have such amount of $$$ at ur NN acc ler~~

    Dear DanielCtw: Thanks..hopefully u will get the amount that you want as soon as possible ya!!

    Dear goingkookies: Thanks dear, well..i m not that POPULAR yet la..i m just a normal blogger 1st cheque was not being cashed a month ago n I did not cash out within a month ler..hehhee..Please dun b mistaken ya~~

    Advice ar..after watched the Alpha project, most of the famous bloggers said "Make your post INTERESTING and be CREATIVE and not forget always REPLY your readers' comment to you^^

    hehhee..hope it's helpful to you!! All the best n wish ya the best of luck!!

    Dear David Jr: hey bro, don't be so so upset k? I'm sure you will get urs very soon!! Be patient and wish ya GOOD LUCK!!

    Dear aaron: kekekkee..why all of you wan BMW 1 wor?? If i'm superb rich ar..I wanna BENTLEY, LAMBORGINI and so so sports car lo!!! teeeheee~~

  1. Wah Wah....$ came to your pocket ya Lisa :) Congrats! hehehhe...thanks to uLi also coz she helped u earn click click $ too ...muahahaha!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear uLi: yeap yeap yeap~~ U r right!! I gotta thanks all who have kissed the ads in my blog!!! thanks and love ya!!!!

  1. haha.. kissing ur blogs often!! =)

  1. maro^gal says:

    tats great !!
    congrats dear..!!!!

  1. congrats...wil support to click ur nn ads whenever visit here u plan to spent it?

  1. sirei says:

    oh noes!
    i'm scared of you haha~

    nice make up ^^

  1. smiley says:

    Waaa...your face so 'garang' sure can be rain asisstant..hehe..gud luck :D

    anywy, thx for dropped comment at

    your comment already reply..

    thank you :D

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  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear goingkookies: okie dokie..thanks for the "KISS" o!!! hehehe..

    dear maro^gal: thanks so much my dear!!

    dear vialentino: yay!! thanks thanks for the click..appreciate it!!..i will spend it by paying my debts and oso treating myself for new clothes n nice food!! hehee..

    dear sirei: haha..u r commenting at the wrong post ler..hehehe..nvm nvm..anyway, thanks ya!!

    dear smiley: wah..a week for readers huh?? thats cool..will check out ur blog!! no worry ya..have fun n stay peace~