RM6k!! I want you!!

Posted: 19 October 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

The 7-11 Slurpeelicious Moments Contest
is going so krazzzzzzzzzzyyyy!!!

There are lotsa people are participating in the contest!!!
Why are they so excited on this contest??
Why?? Why?? Why??
Is it because of the PRIZES??
The prizes for this are superb AWESOME!!
1st prize: RM 6k cash & 7-Eleven’s Gift Certificate of RM 100.
2nd prize: RM 3k cash and 7-Eleven’s Gift Certificate of RM 100.
3rd prize: RM 1k cash and 7-Eleven’s Gift Certificate of RM 100.
3 consolation winners: 7-Eleven’s Gift Certificate of RM 100.
Oh gosh, I wish I were the 1st prize winner!!
I'm sure EVERYONE would like to get that amount of $$$ too right??
Well,in order to win the AWESOME prizer..
You need to snap a pic of yours with the
most creative Slurpee®licious face and
enjoyable moment
face with Slurpee!!

What kind of shot have I taken to participate??
Can you guys figure it out??
Frankly speaking,
I'm not that creative eh but I still will do my best to snap a pic for this contest!!
Let's check out the pic that I have uploaded in the contest^^


The theme of my pic is:
SLURPEE is always meant for ALL!!
What I have done is,
I painted half of face with white colour
to represent that our country has multi-races
where SLURPEE is always meant for all!!!

I know it's kinda lame..
But I have performed my very best in my tight working schedule~
my effort alone is not enough~
So, I need your utmost help to VOTE for me in this contest!!
Are you willing to do so??
Hehehe..I hope all of you will say YES!!!
You guys may ask " How to VOTE ler"??
Alright, alright..check out below for more details ya!!
You may need to click [HERE]
& follow the steps provide as follow:

1. Click the VOTE button above my name - Lisa Tan Touris to vote for me
2. Key in your email address
3. Go to your mailbox and look for the verification email
4. Please take note that the email might be in your JUNK mail.
5. Open the mail and click the verification address.
6. The VOTE is finally go to me^^
7. You may VOTE 5 times per email address in a day.
8. If you have more than 1 email account, kindly VOTE for me with all of your email accounts ya!!

Please bear in mind to check your email and click the verification email
If not, the VOTE is considered not VALID~

The voting period runs from 19 Oct till 25 Oct 2009. Hopefully you can VOTE for me everyday.

Thanks so much..
your VOTE is very much APPRECIATED!!

Please pray for me so that I could win one of the prizes as mentioned ya!!


  1. oooh!! all d best!!

    will go vote for u!! didn't see ur face though..

    i wanted to join cos of teh competition and saw it off pamsong's blog..

    darn.. but i tot the deadline was 6th oct!!when actaully it was ytd???
    so bengang!!

    anyways.. GOOD LUCK!!

  1. vivien says:

    cool . i like it ..i wish i am so creative too..

  1. Xjion89 says:

    hAhahaha, ur pic is so coooollllll^^
    all the best(^^)~~~

  1. all the best to u....hope u be lucky to win 6k again!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear goingkookies,
    hahhahaha~ nez time u shud write down the due date for every contest that u hope to participate in ya~ Thanks thanks for ya wishes^^

    dear vivien,
    For sure you can b creative too..all u nid to think+see more^^ anyway, thanks for the vote ya~~

    dear Xjion89,
    hehehe..thanks bro~~

    dear vialentino,
    yay!! thanks for the wishes!! I really wan the prize so badly^^

  1. kenwooi says:

    very meaningful and creative!
    all the best ya lisa! =D


  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear kenwooi,
    thanks bro on the great compliment!! I wish I could win the grand prize too~ hahaha..want it so badly^^

  1. Alvis says:

    your drink has to be at least 40% of the photo


  1. Lisa717 says:

    Hi Alvis,
    It's more than 40% already.
    I'm sorry if it didn't show 40% as what you're expected.

  1. sirei says:

    crossing my fingers for you babe!!!
    go win that money~