Dating Aenie Wong for 420 mins!!

Posted: 23 December 2008 by Lisa717 in

I'm proudly to present this post about
Dating Aenie Wong for 420 mins/ 7 hours^^
Date: 13 Dec 2008
Time: 1pm-8pm

Venue: Mid Valley & The Gardens

1st of all, I would like to apologise to Aenie & Kevin that I post this entry after 10 days we gathered. Really sorry, due to the same reason that I had hectic life of exam & working part time. Hope you guys will forgive me~~

2ndly, I would like to thanks Aenie who spent her precious time to meet her great supporters even though she has tight schedule. Not forget, million thanks to Kevin- A very cute boy who is the organiser of that day and the founder of Aenie's Fans Club!!

Actually, there're around 8 of Aenie's supporters would love to meet Aenie but at the end left 2 of us (Me & Kevin) could make it to meet her. Joyously, Aenie would still wanna meet with us although there're only 2 of us. I'm superb happie that this gathering still on and it ran smoothly+happiely too~~

The night b4 I met Aenie, I've made a X'mas card for her. I'm gonna post about it (the card) very soon. Btw, I oso bought a Chocolate from Patchi & a X'mas gift for her too. I was so excited that night as I hardly went to sleep. My gosh, I'm Dating with Aenie Wong man..she's not an ordinary people but she is a Famous M'sia Celebrity!! It's my 1st time to sit, eat, mingle, walk & camwhore with my dearest Idol very very closely.

I appreciate the time I Dating with Aenie Wong & I will always keep this wonderful memory in my heart.. Despite of, I'm looking forward to have 2nd gathering with her. Dear Aenie, do let us know when u wanna meet us again k?? Missing you so much!!

hmm, some of you might think that I crap alot & not sure whether I'm bluffing or what right?? hahaha..I got evidence k..I did snap lotsa pics & gonna share with you guys here.. Alrite, I know you guys can't wait to see those pics..let's move on & enjoy the pics~~


~Aenie, me & Kevin~
This is the 1st pic we took tat day..
Thanks Aenie who brought us to this very famous
Taiwanese Restaurant @ The Gardens.
Aenie was so generous+sporty & she's the 1
who hold the camera & camwhored with us!!
Can you see, how close I sat with her!!
That day, we're lucky enuff to meet Aenie's friends too.
Clockwise from top:
Kevin, Aenie, me, Isaac, (sorry,forgt ur name) & Allan.
We really had great time together from the way we smile~~
this is the Taiwanese restaurant we've been to- Fong Lye!!
The favourite food of Aenie in this restaurant is the
~"Fried Sweet Potato Balls"~
Aenie did tell us that the gathering will b held for 2 hours only cz there's an interview with her at 5pm. Surprisingly, she received a call that the interview has cancelled & she said we could extend the gathering for a longer time!! Wow, that's good cz we could mingle & hang out with her more!! So, we went to Seed Cafe @ Mid Valley to chill out..
~Aenie with her Xmas gifts~
After we ordered our drinks, I quickly took out the gifts & Xmas card to her!! She felt superb happie+ touch when she saw the Xmas gifts tat we gave to her. She apologised that she did not prepare anything for us. No worry Aenie, Dating with you is the precious gift we have in this Xmas!!
~Aenie with her gifts & Kevin~
I knew Kevin is superb excited+happie that he could gather with Aenie!!
He had put lotsa effort in the Aenie's Fans Club & also in this gathering~
Thanks you alot my dear Kevin..
Awww..I almost kiss Aenie!!
Hey, don't think too much's just a camwhoring pose k??
But anyway, I love this pic so so so much..
Aenie, you look cute+sweet here..muaksss~~
The last venue we've been to is the
Nyonya Colors restaurant @ Mid Valley after
chilling out at Seed Cafe for 3-4 hours!!!
Kinda unbelievable that we had talked so much ~~
~Another Allan, Aenie & Isaac~
Both of the tall guys are Aenie friends too..
nice to meet them^^
~Pretty Aenie & me~
Gosh, I'm superb short lo!!
No worry, I have to accept the fact that I'm a "shorty"..
~Aenie & Kevin~
Kevin, do you realise that you wore the same shirt color with Aenie!!
Very lucky of you ooooo..hehehe..
A very last pic of us~~
I gonna miss you guys much!!
(Aenie's friends did think that me & Kevin
are Malay siblings bcz of our skin color.

hahahaha..very funny of him to think in that way lo..)
Well, I did learn sth from the conversation with Aenie. She is a wiseful+organised lady who knows what she want to achieve in her life & she is also a very generous+humble lady who always lives an ordinary life though many of the celebrities do not do so.

I remembered that I did tell her that I wan to take Master course. So, she told me to further my studies as soon as possible since I'm in the momentum of study right now. From her experiece, she said it's hard for us to catch up the lesson when we want to further studies after we have stopped studying for a longer period. Thanks her for the piece of advice, I will consider what she has told me.

Btw, one more thing that I will always remember from what she has told us during the gathering. She said we should "Learn from mistake to be success in the future". I felt embarassed actually when she told us about this cz I seldom learn from my mistake. I will forget what I've done wrongly. Thanks her again on this important philosophy of life. *wink*

I gotta stop now..whoa, did not realise that I've typed so shows that I'm superb excited in posting this entry of Dating Aenie Wong for 480 mins/ 7 hours!! I wanna wish Aenie & Kevin once again a very Merryyyyyyy Christmassssssssss & Happie New Year 2009^^
Not forget,
wish you guys
Merry Xmas too
& Happy New Year 2009!!
A lil' Reminder:
If you're Aenie's fans too,
Do join Aenie's Fans Club ya~
It's 2 days left to Xmas!!
Ho ho ho ho...


  1. ching says:

    yo... so good, u can so near distance take photo with her.. she really pretty le... nice looking.. u really lucky since study at here..

    i think next time must always stand near near with u, hope ur lucky can share with me. haha~

  1. yoke man says:

    hey yoke man here,
    rmb d roadshow 1?
    saw u in 1u tat day de..
    eh i like annie wong too~~~
    i oso meet her once during my internship, hope 2 take a photo wv her during shooting..paiseh 2 disturb didnt make it T_T
    how lucky u r gal ^^

  1. kevin says:

    ya lo...same shirt color with Aenie oooo...i also dun no..happy le...hahahaha...

  1. Lisa717 says:

    [reply to ching]:
    yeah~ i oso feel tat i superb lucky 1 but after all i do think that it's not oni nid to b lucky bt we nid to always the opportunity tat we have..

    hahaha..u wan to always stay near me ar?? dun b like tat ler..i scare scare 1 wor...if u harm me or molest me how ar?? hehehe..

    [reply to yoke man]:
    yeah~~ sure i knew hu u r..really glad to see u tat after abt 3 mths we worked together at Sustagen event~ hehehe...dun b paiseh if u wan to take pic with Aenie..she is superb nice n kind 1..i m sure she will take pic with u if u really wan to take pic with her..take k my dear~~ muaksssss...

    [reply to kevin]:
    u oso dunno leh..i oni thought abt it when i started to write tis post..hehehe..i knw u will be 100% happie ler..hahaha...

  1. AHMIKE says:

    Oh my.......*speechless*

  1. Lisa717 says:

    duh duh duh~~
    hey brota,
    what makes you speechless!!
    u gotta believe it~~ she is really Aenie WOng eh!!!