Great night!

Posted: 17 June 2011 by Lisa717 in

it's only 2 days left for me to enjoy my holiday~~
Next Monday, I will be continued to dwell into the hectic life again!!
I pray that it is going to be a great 1
even though it's super tiring + stressful~~
I wish everything is going to be all right
as I know our Lord Jesus Christ is by my side all the time^^
Today's post is just a short 1~
I'm contented that I've got the time to meet my high school's mates on Tue's night!!
Many of us are not in our hometown (Sandakan) now but I'm pleased that we can catch up again to get to know the current life of each one of us. It's a great night even though our "yum char" session last for about 3 hours. Some of us did go off early but I enjoyed it a lot. I knew we may not meet that often but I sincerely wish all of  my YY (Yu Yuan) High School's mates will do very fine in their future undertakings and may God bless them abundantly. I hope we are going to have such gathering once in a blue moon in the future^^

That's all for today^^
Wish y'all have great days ahead too!!
God bless + hugzzzzzzzzzzz^^


  1. such a fun nite! take care! ;D

  1. Xjion89 says:

    hey hey~~ hv fun~~
    keep in touch~

  1. Even though it's going to be tiring and stressful life.. our life is going to be wonderful with Him.. within this tiring and stressful life, He's always there to make a smile on your face..