Season of The Witch [Must Watch]!!

Posted: 07 January 2011 by Lisa717 in

thanks to MixFM for the Premiere tickets 
to watch Season of The Witch 2 days before the release date^^
 Yes, this movie will be officially released today (7th Jan 2011)!!
My 1st impression when I looked at the poster, I thought it was a so-so movie~~
After watching it in the cinema,
it is indeed a super exciting movie!! 
Very very exciting movie which kinda leads to a horror type of movie~
But afterall, the storyline is awesome!!
This is a highly recommended movie from me~
You won't feel bore from the start to end instead of being alert all the time!!
Unless you are sleepy or restless~~
Why do I say so??
You gotta watch it by your ownself!! :P
here I'm to present to you the trailer of it!!
Hope y'all enjoy^^


That's all for today,
it's just my 2 cents of views about this movie~
No offense.. no offense..
Good day everyone^^


  1. super best...i'm gonna watch it !!!

  1. Casendra says:

    hahha Lisa, another thing in common! I've been aiming and waiting this movie! Going to watch tomolo and thanks for the heads up, yes!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear honey: yeah~ great that u like it too!!

    dear casendra: good good to hear that u r going to watch it too!! hope ya enjoy!! :)

  1. have not watched this but seems like a lot of bad critics rgd this :)